Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chat with my MC III

Me: You been up all night?
Jules: *looks up* What time is it?
Me: Gone 7am.
Jules: Then I've been up all night.
Bunny notices the half drunk cups of coffee with cigarette butts floating in them.  Sits down with feet curled up underneath herself and accepts the freshly made coffee from Jules.  Jules sits down opposite her.
Jules: Have you read this?
Me: *laughs*
Jules: Yeah, sorry stupid question.
Me: *bites tongue and drinks coffee*
Jules:  The bit about children is interesting.
Me: *laughs* You mean the several page ramble about children.
Jules: He mentions Matthew...
Me:  He also mentions Revelation and Exodus.
Jules:  Does he? I haven't got to that bit yet.
Me:  Have you got to the bit yet about him saying that children are like angels?
Jules: No, but I have got to the part about him saying children are the key.
Me:  Ah, yes. The five or is it six page ramble about that. You must be only at the start, keep reading you'll come to the part about Revelation soon enough.
Jules:  *makes a note in his notebook*
Me: Julian...
Jules: *looks up* Bunny...
Me:  Jules, what is that *points to notebook*
Jules: Oh, nothing.
Me:  Julian, please tell me that's not a journal.
Jules: It's a cabbage.
Me:  Sarcasm
Jules: *grins* Just one of my many talents.
Me:  Jules you're going down his path.
Jules: No, I'm not.
Me:  Jules, yes you are. Forced insomnia, writing in journals...
Jules: *laughs* I am NOT going down his path.
Me: *chuckles* Yeah, whatever you say, Jules
Jules:  *glares at Bunny*
Me:  *laughs*
Jules:  You think this is funny?
Me: Yeah as a matter of fact I do.
Jules: I should have known you wouldn't understand.
Me:  Jules, I tried my hardest to keep those journals from you.  The Hermit, he had other ideas.
Jules:  You did? Why?
Me:  *takes a drink of coffee* Jules, you and him are more alike than you realise.  Keeping those journals from you, was all I could do to stop you from going down his path.  Though it now seems like you are already on his path.
Jules:  *flicks cigarette ash into a coffee cup*
Me: *laughs* That was a fresh cup, Jules
Jules: *curses under breath and makes himself fresh coffee, then returns*
Me:  Have you reached the part about Byron yet?
Jules: No
Me: *drains last of her coffee and grins* Those ramblings are of amusement. He was well read, much like yourself.
Jules: Bunny...
Me: Jules...
Jules:  Why did you not want me to have his journals?
Me:  *stands up* Jules, I never wanted to keep them from you.  I just didn't want you to get your hands on them until later.

Bunny leaves, Jules doesn't notice as he continues to read and makes notes in his own journal.


Note: The journals mentioned in these chats are part of what Jules received in his gifts.  They are the journals of the MC in Books I - III. Don't panic, they won't spoil the story, I wouldn't do that to you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chat with my MC II

Me:  Hey Jules
Jules:  Hey, Coffee?
Me:  *Nods and takes coffee from Jules.  Sits down on chair, with legs curled up underneath*
Jules: I've been reading.
Me: WOW! You can read? *smirks*
Jules:  Sarcasm, does not become you.
Me: *laughs*
Jules: *Slightly annoyed look* As I said, I've been reading.
Me:  Yeah? Anything of interest?
Jules:  *Shows leather bound journal*
Me: Ahhhhh!
Jules: Yeah, he had some really good ideas for The Community.
Me:  Before he lost it you mean?
Jules: *Raises an eyebrow*  What do you mean?
Me:  *Takes a drink of coffee and grins* What volume you on?
Jules:  The second one.
Me:  *laughs* Yeah wait, till you get to the sixth one, then you'll see.
Jules: Care to explain?
Me:  *pretends to think* Erm, No.
Jules:  A hint?
Me: Yeah, he's a lot like you *laughs*
Jules:  Not helping.
Me:  Didn't say I was.
Jules:  *lights a cigarette*  I might put in place some of his ideas.
Me: *laughs*
Jules: What's so funny?
Me: *laughs*
Jules: *glares at Bunny*
Me:  Okay, seriously?  Firstly he was beyond insane. Secondly, power went to his head and finally you are not in a position to do anything.
Jules:  That could change.
Me:  Julian...
Jules: Bunny...
Me:  Jules, tread carefully. Are you sure you want to go down this path.  Maybe finish reading his journals first before making anything final.
Jules:  Maybe you're right.
Me:  I always am.
Jules: *crazed laughter*
Bunny leaves to the sound of Jules' crazed laughter.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chat with my MC I

I have done small versions of this on twitter, thought it would be fun to do a larger one here. 
Me:  Sinatra?
Jules:  *grins* Yeah, I thought it would go with the mood.
Me:  *steps over dead body* The mood of killing?
Jules:  *inclines his head, gives a cheeky grin and winks*
Me:  *sits down opposite Jules by a lovely roaring fire*
Jules:  Coffee?
Me:  Of course *takes offered coffee and curls up with legs under her in the chair*
Jules:  *sits back in chair with his coffee and lights a cigarette* Want one?
Me:  No, Jules I'll pass. That's why you smoke, so I don't have too.
Jules:  *laughs* Ah! So it's your fault then.
Me:  *looks at dead body* Isn't that...
Jules:  Yes, it is.
Me:  *looks back at Jules* I thought you two were...
Jules:  Yes, we were.
Me:  What happened?
Jules:  He was a *thinks for a few seconds* he was a loose end.
Me:  *looks back at dead body, then back to Jules* Wait...HE was a loose end? What happened to his eyes?
Jules: *waves a hand to the fire*
Me:  Julian! You SICK FUCK!
Jules: *laughs* Really? Who created who? I'm from the deepest, darkest depths of your mind.
Me: Yeah, but you're the one telling your story through me.  If I don't write what you want me to write, you'll do something...
Jules:  You missed it earlier, when they popped in the fire, it like was popcorn.
Jules:  *laughs*
Me:  *trying to change the subject* I thought what you said yesterday morning in Church was beautiful
Jules:  Thank you. It just came to me as I was up there talking.  I didn't really have anything in mind, I wasn't expecting to be called up to explain the Easter Story to the young children.
Me:  Well, you did it beautifully.
Jules:  Thank you, I'm still upset with you.
Me:  What did I do now?
Jules:  You wouldn't let me nail Tarquin to the cross!
Me: Tarquin is...otherwise engaged
Jules: *fails to hide his shocked look* Really?
Me:  Yes, really. Jules, you know fine well.
Jules:  *laughs*
Me: *looks over as the music changes from Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald*
Jules:  Ah yes, I love record players.  Found that one in my storage, along with my dad's old records. A few of my own as well of course.  I've got a few of them stacked up ready to drop down. Nothing like the sound of music coming from a record player.
Me:  Of course not, Jules. 
Jules:  *Stands up and offers a hand to Bunny* Dance?
Me:  *laughs* Jules, I don't dance.
Jules: Of course you do, everyone does. You can either get up or I'll lift you from the chair.
Me: *Stands up and pokes Jules in the chest* You... *points to the dead body* had better get rid of that
Jules:  You're going to leave me, without a dance.
Me: *As I leave* Dance with that...
Jules:  *Dances with the dead body*
Me: *shakes head and leaves*

Demon of Words XIII - April 2014

My goal for Camp NaNo was 30K, last week I passed that goal with 30,292 words. I have been doing random word updates on twitter but not keeping a close eye on them as I was.

Won't be doing any more of these for April, but will do a final one at the end, cause I know a lot of you will be curious (and I admit me too) at the final word count for April.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Demon of Words XII - April 2014

Yesterday wasn't the greatest of writing days, though I was doing research so it balanced out. Today, was different. I think my muse must have been snorting the icing sugar again (save whatever sanity you have and don't ask).

Today's word count: 4,070

Total word count for Camp NaNo: 27,220

Saturday, April 12, 2014

thoughts on my books... II

Book V is coming along well.  As I mentioned on twitter Jules has recevied a large ornate box, at first I had said it was wooden. It appears it is not, it's metal though it is still ornate.

It now appears (thanks to last night's dream) that Jules will receive 3 items. Each one is a representation of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Not only do these items affect Jules in some way (physical and/or psychological), they will also affect others in The Community.  Whether directly or indirectly remains to be seen.  Think of it as a ripple effect, when you throw a stone into water the first splash is the most explosive (or so it seems). Though in actual fact some of the ripples that come from that can be more explosive.

At the moment, I am just writing away and seeing what happens.  Though I am tempted to remove this bit from Book V and put it into a book of it's own. I will see when the time comes. 

Stepping away from Jules for a moment. Something, something has happened to Tarquin...  Not saying anything more than that but it's definitely an interesting twist for him.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Demon of Words XI - April 2014

Today's word count: 700

Total word count for Camp NaNo: 22,897

Not a massive word count today but what I did get written (in my favourite cafĂ©) was worth writing.  I got a lot of books for research today from the local faith mission bookstore. I spent several hours looking through them and making notes and placing said notes into my Bible. Also lots of markers in said books already. So although word count wasn't that much, still had a productive day.