Wednesday, August 26, 2015

D2 - SN-1-6

Another update for you all. Chapter 2 of novel in draft 2 stage is getting there. Slow progress but good progress.

This morning (for second day) I got a migraine attack.  Migraine headache now long gone, just groggy feeling.  As you know with these come migraine dreams, which I write in my journal.  Below is part of what one of those dreams, of what I have written in one of my journals. It is not perfect, nor edited, but I wanted to it share it with you all the same.

"You have not eaten for five days... YOU WILL EAT!"
She threw the plate of food on the floor and ran out the door.  Ran down the long corridor, her bare feet hitting against the tiles.  Ran so hard that she felt her heart was going to burst, she threw open the front door and ran out into the courtyard. Ran out of the front gates, her bare feet hitting against the harsh stones. She dared not look back, now was her chance.  Her chance to escape, she didn't want to know if anyone was following her.

She stopped at the stone post, that was the bus stop.  Her breath in ragged gasps, only then did she dare to look behind her. No-one was following her.  At the bus stop, she was two miles from the nearest town.  With no money she had no choice, but to walk.

"Come on Roch'el, you can do this." Roch'el forced herself to move, she walked quickly, her bare feet finally started to bleed on the harsh tarmac of the footpath. Dusk was approaching when she reached the town.  Exhausted Roch'el went to cross the road when an arm wrapped itself around her waist and dragged her back.

"Do you fucking want to get yourself killed?" Roch'el slowly turned and a pair of pale red eyes looked down at her. "T... Taranath... help me!"  He caught her just as she fainted.  Taranath carried her into his waiting car, carefully laying her down on the back seat.  It was dark when they arrived at his home.  Roch'el stirred slightly when Taranath gently placed her on the sofa.  She sat up and screamed in pain when he put on the light.  Quickly he turned it off, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Taranath softly wrapped his arms around her, "Roch'el... what is wrong? What happened? Who had you? What..."

Roch'el interrupted him, "Taranath, please. I'm so hungry."  Taranath gently eased out of the embrace, "When did you last eat?"  Roch'el lowered her head, "Five, six days?"  Taranath failed to hide his anger as his red eyes darkened.  "Stay here, I'll be back soon."  She clung to him, "Please, Taranath, don't leave me!"  He softly kissed the top of her head. "You need to rest Roch'el", he picked her up and carried her upstairs.

Taranath frowned at her bare feet, cut and bloodied. "Roch'el..." His voice full of concern and sympathy.  By the time he had emptied his pockets and kicked off his shoes, Roch'el was sleeping on top of his bed.  He lay down on top of the bed beside her, in her sleep she moved towards him.  Resting her head on his chest, Taranath protectively wrapped his arms around her.  He too started to doze, the ringing of the phone, stirred him. Quickly he grabbed his mobile phone and answered it. "You are on speaker phone and I am not alone"

"Taranath, we have heard that erm... she has left..."  Taranath interrupted the caller, "Yes, I am aware, she is with me now."  The caller seemed stunned, "Taranath, how is she?"  Taranath sighed deeply, "Vol'eal, she has not eaten in five or six days. She is barefoot, they are cut and bloodied.  She screamed when the light was put on...."   Vol'eal interrupted, "barefoot you say? And the light... Taranath, where is Roch'el now?"

Taranath was silent for a few seconds before answering, "Her head is resting on my chest, she is sleeping. I just wish I knew who had her and what they did to her."  Vol'eal failed to hide his concern in his voice, "Taranath... I know who had her and I know what they did to her. It was no accident she was taken."

Comments as always are welcome, though bare in mind this is just from a journal and not edited.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Interview XVII (Acha'iah)

Interview seventeen is with Acha'iah. For the benefit of the interview Acha'iah is male and stands at 8ft 2. His hair is long, reaches to below his waist, is white in colour and is in one big long plait.  His eyes are pale green, nearly translucent when he is of good nature.  Acha'iah is wearing a dark blue three piece pinstripe suit, white shirt, dark brown silk tie with matching pocket.

Bunny: Thank you Acha'iah, for wishing to be interviewed.
Acha'iah: <waves a dismissive hand as he sits down on the sofa> You are welcome Bunny and, before you ask, yes you may.
B: <laughs> Thank you Acha'iah.
A: Mind if I smoke?
B: You have never asked before...
A: <softly chuckles and lights a cigarette>
B: Acha'iah, you are part of The Order Demonica, can you share what your role is?
A: I could, but where would the fun be in that?
B: Acha'iah!
A: <his green eyes darken slightly> I am part of the Inner Sanctum within The Order Demonica.
B: How did one such as you, a higher angel, join The Order Demonica?
A: <raises an eyebrow and softly chuckles> Let's just say when Stol'as-an'el offers you to join, you *do* not refuse such an offer.
B: Persuasive?
A: Persuasive? Yes, I suppose that is a word... <softly chuckles>
B:  Can you share more of your role within the Inner Sanctum?
A:  You are aware of the Inner Sanctum within The Blessed Order of Archangel Gabriel, or whatever Dimitru says it is called?
B: <sighs> Yes I am aware
A: <blows a long stream of smoke, before lighting another cigarette> The Inner Sanctum within The Order Demonica, is *nothing* like that.
B: <sighs> Acha'iah!
A: <softly chuckles> The Inner Sanctum within The Order Demonica... it deals with disciplinary issues that occur 'in house', like The Order, we have rules for the safety of those that are with us.
B:  You are responsible for the discipline orders?
A: <taps side of his nose> Bunny, you know I can't tell you that.
B: Spoilers?
A: Indeed, little Bunny, spoilers.
B: There is a rumour that you were once part of The Order as well... is this true?
A: <stubs cigarette out in ashtray and, stares into Bunny's eyes. His green eyes darken, quickly turning to a deep, dark green>  I too have heard rumours, rumours about a *little* Bunny, who asks questions that she should not be asking.  Rumours of a *little* Bunny who has been warned by others.
B: Cute Acha'iah, is that meant to be a threat?
A: <softly chuckles and his eyes start to lighten in colour> Of course not.  Whatever gave you that idea?
B:  <deep sigh>
A: <glances at his watch>
B: Am I keeping you?
A:  I have an appointment in five minutes, but you have time for one last question.
B:  Thank you Acha'iah.  It has been said that you are credited for writing some of The Book of Zag'ansee're.  Is this correct?
A:  <stands up and stops by Bunny. He leans down and softly kisses her on the cheek> *Little* Bunnies should learn not to pay attention to rumour. As always, it has been a pleasure. Good night Bunny.
B: Thank you for the interview, good night Acha'iah.

Interview seventeen is over, comments as always are welcome.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Interview XVI (Vol'eal)

Interview sixteen is with Vol'eal. For the benefit of the interview Vol'eal is male, he stands at 7ft 10.  His hair is long, down to his waist long, it is flame red in colour and his eyes are red, flecked with black. Today he is dressed in black jeans, ox-blood dms and a Sepultura t-shirt.

Bunny: Vol'eal, thank you for wishing to be interviewed.
Vol'eal: <nods> No problem, Lapin.  Shall we get started?
B: <grins> Yes, indeed, for the benefit of the interview...
Vol'eal: <softly chuckles> Yes, you may Lapin.
B: Thank you. Your birth was an unusual one...
V: <raises an eyebrow as he sits down in the chair> Straight to the heart, with that one Lapin!
B: I haven't asked the question yet!
V: <softly chuckles> Lapin, I know you and I know how you and <taps his forefinger to his forehead> I know how your little mind thinks.
B: <sighs> Very well, Vol'eal, are you going to answer my unasked question?
V:  <slightly tilts his head back and taps his chin with forefinger>
B: Vol'eal...
V: <stops and tilts head forward again> Of course, Lapin.  Yes, as you say my birth was indeed unusual. To say more would be spoilers but I can share some of how it has left me, if you so wish?
B:  Please do.
V:  Lapin, as you know I am a demon but I think you will agree the technical polite term is Sami'gin'a.
B: <nods> Yes, indeed you are Sami'gin'a. (For the benefit of the interview, Sami'gin'a are a rarity. They are sometimes looked down upon by others).
V: Unfortunately to explain more would be a spoiler. <smirks>
B:  Moving on, you are part of The Order Demonica...
V: Lapin... I will stop you there.
B: <confused look> Vol'eal?
V:  Your reputation for asking loaded questions precedes you, Lapin. <frowns and his eyes turn a deeper red> I would have expected better from such as you.
B:  I haven't asked the question yet!
V: You forget, Lapin, I know you... I know how that little mind of yours works... <leans forward in his chair> I know you. <his eyes go a deeper shade of red>
B:  Cute Vol'eal. Do you honestly think your threats will work on me?
V: <softly chuckles as he leans back in his chair. His eyes returning to normal>  You were saying?
B: <sighs> Yes, you are part of The Order Demonica.  Can you tell me how a Sami'gin'a decides to join The Order Demonica?
V:  Lapin, the answer is one of simple origin.  When Stol'as-an'el asks you to join The Order Demonica, you do not refuse.
B:  <smirks>
V: Why the smirk, Lapin?
B:  I have heard differently.
V: <raises an eyebrow> I imagine you are honoured with such information from Stol'as-an'el himself, that us mere higher demons are not.
B:  Vol'eal, that would be classed as a spoiler.
V: <softly chuckles> To answer your earlier unasked question, within The Order Demonica I am Je'liel.
B:  Head of The Belief.
V:  That is correct, Lapin.
B:  And what does being Je'liel involve.

A cough is heard from the shadows, Stol'as-an'el steps into the light.

Stol'as-an'el:  Little Bunny Rabbits must learn to tread soft waters.
Me:  Stol'as-an'el, I was not aware that I was sinking.
Stol'as-an'el: <softly chuckles> This interview is over.
Me: But...
Stol'as-an'el:  <raises an eyebrow> You DARE argue?
Me: <sighs>

Vol'eal:  Apologies, but it appears that this interview has been cut short.
Me:  Understood, thank you Vol'eal.
V: <stands up, crosses over to Bunny. Leans down and softly kisses the top of her head> Lapin, it has been a pleasure. We will talk again soon.
Me: <slightly nods>

And with that interview sixteen is over. Comments as always are welcome.

The Book of Zag'ansee're (snippets)

The Book of Zag'ansee're is a sacred book belonging to one of the groups in my novel. I have shared snippets from it in no order on twitter. I have decided to put these into a blog post and this post will be edited when new ones are added. They are numbered ONLY for one reason and, that is if someone wishes to comment on one snippet they can.

The numbers HAVE no relation as to where the snippets are in The Book of Zag'ansee're. 

The Book of Zag'ansee're is rumoured to be of angelic origin, though some reports say it is of demonic origin. Either way the content held within can be considered dangerous if in the wrong hands. Some would argue it is dangerous in the "right hands".  It is a large book, around A3 in size and it is three feet thick. It is covered in dark brown leather that is cracked in places.  It has a seal that was burned into the leather when it was first created. Each page has been painstakingly written on by hand in black ink.


[...] words of caution are advised, you would do well to heed such words.


And soon the Demon [...] hunger grew, his thirst grew. It was then that his father...


In Darkness and In Shadows, by the light of the blue full moon, the ritual was performed...


In Darkness you must be cleansed, by fire you will be healed. In Shadows, you will hear truth that must be spoken.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Interview XV (Stol'as-an'el)

For the benefit of the interview, Stol'as-an'el is male and stands at 9ft 8. He is wearing a black three piece suit, white shirt, black tie and white pocket. His skin is pale white with a tinge of blue. His eyes are silvery blue. His hair is long, below his waist, thick and black with hint of dark blue running through it.

Bunny: <bows and lowers head> Thank you for wishing to be interviewed.
Stol'as-an'el: <looks upon Bunny with curiosity> I wonder how long you would stay like this if I didn't release you. Though that would be unfair. No need for such formality.
B: <raises head and sits down> Thank you. For the benefit of...
Stol'as-an'el: You may.
B: Thank you, now can you tell me how you got to be involved with The Order Demonica.
S: Straight to the point eh? <raises an eyebrow as he sits down>
B: If you please
S: Of course, I am the head of The Order Demonica.
B: Unusual for one such as you
S: Do you think so?
B: Yes, a higher angel is not one you would associate with The Order Demonica.
S: <softly chuckles> Little Bunny Rabbits must learn to tread soft waters.
B: <sighs> Apologies. I believe it is you who started The Belief, within The Order Demonica?
S: And what does a little Bunny as you know of such things?
B: Erm....
S: <softly chuckles> You have been mis-informed, it was merely a suggestion which I allowed to happen.
B: Understood. The Order Demonica has ties with The Black Scorpions....
S: Maybe instead of asking why we have ties with The Black Scorpions. You, should have asked them why they have ties with us and others. You missed a trick there little Bunny.
Me: <sighs> You have some resentment towards some of The Order..
S: <laughs> If it wasn't for The Order.. if it wasn't for Dimitru, The Belief within The Order Demonica would have no need to exist.
B: <eyes widen>
S: It appears, you may have been lied to. I wonder why Dimitru would do that.
B: This interview is not about Dimitru, nor is it for you, Stol'as-an'el to plant seeds of doubt into my head!
S: <softly chuckles> So you say, little Bunny, so you say.
B: <sighs> How do demons react with taking orders from an angel?
S: <raises an eyebrow and laughs> Your interview technique leaves a lot to be desired. They have no choice, as, neither do you.
B: ...
S: I thought that might get your attention.
B: Stol'as-an'el I am interviewing you!
S: <softly chuckles> So you say, but answer me this.  Who is in control of this interview?
B: Me
S: Really? Are you certain of that?
B: Enough of your mind games.
S: <softly chuckles as he stands up> I would like to say it's been a pleasure but...
B: Good bye Stol'as-an'el
S: <softly chuckles> Farewell little Bunny.

And with that Interview fifteen is over. Comments as always are welcome.

Monday, August 17, 2015

D2 - SN-1-5

Time for another update. Draft 2 is progressing well, I have finished chapter 1 and was uncertain on how to progress onto chapter 2. That is until today. Chapter 2 is completely different to chapter 1 in draft 1 that I have previously shared. This will start the merge into one. In this blog post I will be sharing start of Chapter 2, well what I have typed up from my journal.

I hope you like what you read.
-R. B. McConnell


Chapter 2 - The Scarf

Dimitru lay dozing in his chair by the fire, apart from the burning candles the room was in darkness.  The clock on the mantelpiece struck two and a candle in the room snuffed itself out. The dark smoke rising in the air, matching the darkness of Dimitru's thoughts.  A soft nervous knock knocked his door, Dimitru did not stir.  The knock came again, this time louder. Dimitru slowly rose, his seven foot frame screaming in protest as he moved. He glanced at the clock, "2am? Who is calling at this hour? I have no meetings"  The shadows were silent in reply.  Dimitru glared down at The Gatekeeper, nervously he handed Dimitru a package and quickly left the building.  Dimitru raised an eyebrow at his haste but thought nothing more of it.  A voice from the shadows spoke "A present? I wonder what is inside?"  Ignoring the shadows, Dimitru carefully placed the package on his desk.  The package was shoe box in size, wrapped in brown paper and white string.  Carefully he turned the package over in his hands. He frowned when he saw no identifying marks on the paper.  Dimitru reached into the left pocket of his suit trousers and pulled out his flick knife. With expert care he cut the string, he placed the knife on his desk as he sat down. A choice he would later regret.

The shadows around Dimitru grew, whispering to him. Ignoring them, he carefully opened the package. Inside was a nondescript brown cardboard box. Inside was white tissue paper, he parted the tissue paper and gasped. Inside was a dark grey pashmina scarf. "Get him here, NOW!" The shadows shrank away in obedience.  Dimitru picked up the scarf, he failed to notice the card that fell from it.  The card fell softly into the box.  The One appeared through the hidden door, two Watchers either side.  "What is it..." The One stopped when he saw the scarf in Dimitru's hands. Dimitru placed the scarf up to his face, closed his eyes and inhaled the smell.  The One patiently waited, Dimitru lowered the scarf. "She's alive!" The One placed a comforting hand on Dimitru's shoulder, "anything else in the box? Do we know who sent it?" Dimitru once again placed the scarf to his face. It smelt of her, of his daughter.  The One turned to the shadows "Get Julian here."

"No!" The One shook his head at the shadows, they remained still.  The One raised an eyebrow at Dimitru, "Not Julian? Then who?"  The next word that Dimitru spoke made The One take a step back, one name was all it took. "Priest"

Friday, August 14, 2015

Interview XIV (Orn'el)

Interview fourteen is with Orn'el. For the benefit of the interview, Orn'el is female and stands at 6ft in her barefeet. Orn'el has long straight black hair. Her skin is pale white and her eyes are white, flecked with red. She is wearing a long ivory coloured dress. Over this she wears a long, trails along the floor long, black hooded robe. The robe is trimmed with ivory embroidered with silver celtic knotwork.

Bunny: Orn'el, it is a pleasure to have your company. Thank you for agreeing to an interview. Please have a seat.
Orn'el: You are most welcome, Bunny. <sits down in the nearest chair>
B: For the purpose of the interview, may I shorten your name to O?
Orn'el: You may.
B: Thank you. You are a Vas'a'rah, can you explain what this means?
O: Yes I am a Vas'a'rah. Vas'a'rah are half-breeds. We are either half demonic and half human. Or half angelic and half human.
B: You are Demonic Vas'a'rah, can you tell me do you experience much hatred?
O: <shifts uncomfortably in her chair> Yes, a lot of demons, angels, humans dislike us. Even some of the Va'lac! If you can believe that. <sighs> As you are aware, there a lot of offensive names for those of my kind. None of us asked to be born like this. Why can't they leave us alone?
B: Is that why a lot of Vas'a'rah wear fake contact lenses or sunglasses? To blend in.
O: Yes, but that shouldn't be necessary. Our eyes are the only outward sign that gives who we are away.
B: Which parent is demonic?
O: <eyes light up> My father is a demon.
B: Strict upbringing?
O: <laughs> I was born into The Order Demonica. What do you think?
B: Fair point. I would guess he is overly protective of you.
O: <glances at her father before answering> You could say that, yes. I am his youngest, I am the only child he has that is Vas'a'rah. He is no more protective than any father with their daughter.
B: What was it like growing up in The Order Demonica?
O: <turns as she hears her father cough before turning her attention back to Bunny> I cannot say, but I had a happy childhood. Lots of good memories. The Order Demonica don't discriminate against you, just because how you were born.
B: Thank you for the interview, Orn'el.
O: <stands up and pulls her hood up, obscuring her face> Thank you Bunny.

Interview fourteen is over. Orn'el has left. Comments as always are welcome.