Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chat with MC: XLII

Bunny enters Dimitru's room, sees he is writing in his journal.  She pours herself a glass of wine, she doesn't notice him glance up.  Bunny sits down on the chair with one leg underneath her.

Dimitru: Morning, little one.
Me: Morning Dimitru, how are you?
Dimitru: *Lazily throws the open journal and fountain pen onto the table and pours himself some wine* Tired, little one. I've been awake all night. Going over that *points to journal he's just thrown onto the desk*
Me: Your journal? Why is that one so important?
Dimitru: *Softly chuckles* You mean he didn't tell you?
Me: Tell me what?
Dimitru: *Drains in glass of wine and pours another. He picks up the leather bound journal and stands up. He sits down on the table beside Bunny and places his wine glass on the table.  He takes the glass of wine from Bunny and places it on the table*
Me: Dimitru?
Dimitru: Bunny, this journal is for you.
Me: Dimitru? I don't understand.
Dimitru: Bunny, *Places the leather bound journal into Bunny's hands* I don't have time to talk to you in length.  I would love nothing more than to spend hours sitting here by the fire talking.  But, I can't.  The Community is growing, little one...
Me: Dimitru?
Dimitru: Little one, I don't have time to tell you everything, so I've written it down for you. Take the journal, please. It's yours now. Feel free to make notes in it if you wish.
Me: *Looks at Dimitru, lost for words*
Dimitru: *Stands up and offers a hand to Bunny*
Me: *Places a hand in Dimitru's and allows him to help her up* Dimitru... I, I don't know what to say.
Dimitru: *Softly chuckles* I'm here if ever you need to talk about something in the journal.
Me: Dimitru, thank you.
Dimitru: *Takes out his pocket watch, glances at it before returning it to his waistcoat pocket* Little one, I have an appointment.
Me: I understand, talk to you later Dimitru. Bye.
Dimitru: *Smiles* Yes little one, we'll talk later.

Bunny leaves Dimitru's room.

Voice from Darkness: You didn't warn her.
Dimitru: *Puts on his robe of black, pulls up his hood and walks to the hidden door. He pauses* No, more fun this way.
Voice from Darkness: Is that wise?
Dimitru: *Laughs as he walks through the hidden door. He closes it softly behind him*
Voice from Darkness: Inform him of what Dimitru has done.
Voice from Darkness 2: As you wish, Brother.

Dear Snowflake...

Snowflake, I love you.  I really do, but I swear you'll be the death of me.  This thing, whatever it is with Zero has to stop.  I don't care who is at fault, I don't care what happened.  What happened, happened in the past.  Why drag it all up now?

Snowflake, all this shouting you're doing with Zero is giving me a headache.  All this going around in circles, what you did, what he did, what happened.  Nothing can be done about it now.  What is done is done.  Yes, I know I don't know the full story of what happened, but I am hearing you and Zero fight about it.

Please Snowflake, stop shouting.  Granted you're less scary when you're shouting, than when you're extremely calm.  But, please, I swear you'll be the death of me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This evening I received an email, I tweeted this:

got an email to my writing blog email, "You're a danger to society, all this fascination with Demons. I pray for your soul"

TOO funny!

There was more to it than that, but I thought it was hilarious.  This is the first email of this kind that I have received and is feeding my Demon Muse.  So what did the rest of it say? Not going to share it all with you, but I am going to share some more of it.

Glory be to God and to his Angels in the High Heavens.  I come to you bathed in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you to warn you of the path that you are on.

Satan is leading you down a path of debauchery and sin. Repent now! Let Jesus into your heart, he alone can save you.  You're a danger to society, all this fascination with Demons. I pray for your soul.  I pray that you will find Jesus and he can save you.

Also included were some random Bible verses.  I admit I was SO freaking tempted to reply saying "Debauchery? Bring it on!" But thought better of it, I'm still laughing about it! It really brightened up my evening.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Thoughts...

When Dimitru wasn't talking to me, I focused on research with The Community novels in mind.  I just let my Demon Muse guide me.  A lot and I mean a LOT of research has focused on Demons.

Where the research led me scared me.  Not the demonology but the flip side. I came across a forum that is a Christian (extreme) Evangelism place.  So much mis-information there about other faiths is untrue, it does have ideas about children etc, which is good. BUT it does make an excellent source.  Let me explain, although The Community itself is not like this, it does give me ideas and that's never a bad thing. So although the forum has scared me I'll keep visiting it and making notes in my journals.  Zero Tolerance would not be in it!

I am not saying if Demons have anything to do with The Community or not.  As they feature in Snowflake Story, it's possible that Demon Muse just guided me in that direction in a general way.

Though I am SO happy that Dimitru is talking to me again :) 

Snowflake Story, ah this story, I swear will be the death of me! Something has happened and three characters are fighting over how it should be written. I've given up trying to reason with them and I'm just letting them get on with it.  And, yes Snowflake is one of them (like you had to ask!)

New tattoo is healing well :) should be able to do a blog post with healed photos this incoming weekend. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Chat with MC: XLI

Cautiously Bunny enters Dimitru's room.  The room is lit with candles and wax drips down the candelabras in long drips.  Bunny resists the urge to snap them off.  Then she sees him, standing by the fire.  His hooded robe of black flows along the floor and his hood is up.

Dimitru:  Hello, little one.  It's been a while hasn't it?
Me:  DIMITRU! *Wraps arms around Dimitru's waist and nuzzles into his back*
Dimitru:  *Softly chuckles and unwraps Bunny from him and turns around* Miss me, little one?
Me:  *Blushes slightly and sits down in the chair, looks at Dimitru as she curls one leg underneath her* 
Dimitru:  *Pours two glasses of wine, puts one down on table beside Bunny.  Removes his robe and sits down opposite Bunny*
Me:  *Takes the glass of wine* Dimitru...
Dimitru:  You've spoken to him?
Me:  Yes
Dimitru:  How did it go?
Me:  *Takes a drink of wine* Confusing to put it mildly.
Dimitru:  *Softly chuckles*  Yes, he is a master of confusion. 
Me:  Dimitru?
Dimitru: Yes, little one?
Me:  Why did he stop you or anyone else from talking to me?
Dimitru:  He didn't tell you?
Me: He... Dimitru, he confused me.
Dimitru:  *Softly chuckles* That sounds about right, little one you have nothing to worry about.
Me:  He... Dimitru he hinted at your past.  He said there was things I don't know about you.  Dimitru, he said I shouldn't trust you.
Dimitru:  Did he indeed? This is why you're confused little one? He didn't tell you anything?
Me: No...
Dimitru:  *Leans back in his chair and takes a drink of wine*  Good. 
Me:  Dimitru...
Dimitru:  Little one you've nothing to worry about.  What happened in my past, stays in my past.  
Me:  Dimitru, the past has a habit of...
Dimitru:  *Stands up and sits down on the table beside Bunny and tucks a stray hair behind her ear*  Little one, you have nothing to worry about.  
Me:  Dimitru, promise me you'll never stop talking to me again.
Dimitru:  Little one...
Me: Dimitru! Promise...
Dimitru: *Stands up and puts a hand out for Bunny to accept* I promise, little one.
Me:  *Puts a hand in Dimitru's and allows him to help her out of the chair*  Thank you Dimitru. *Drains her wine glass and gives it to Dimitru* 
Dimitru:  Good night, little one.
Me:  Good night, Dimitru. 
Dimitru:  *Watches as Bunny leaves the room and puts her empty glass on the table.  Sits back down in his chair*
Voice from Darkness:  Why did you make her a promise you can't possibly hope to keep?
Dimitru:  *Drains his own glass of wine and pours himself another* 
Voice from Darkness:  Are you not going to answer me?
Dimitru:  *Takes a drink of wine* It's a promise I will keep.
Voice from Darkness:  If you say so. 
Dimitru:  You should leave.
Voice from Darkness:  As you wish, Brother.
Dimitru:  *Sinks back in his chair, drinks his wine and lets his thoughts wander* 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chat with Hooded Figure

Bunny enters Dimitru's room. The room is mostly in darkness, the only light in the room is coming from the fire. Either side of the fire, six large church candles in two groupings of three are on the hearth. The melted wax lies in puddles at the base.

Me: Dimitru?

Silence answers Bunny.

Voice from Darkness: You shouldn't be here.
Me: *Turns in direction of voice* Why not?
Voice from Darkness: You shouldn't be here.
Me: Where's Dimitru?
Voice from Darkness: You shouldn't be here.
Me: *Lifts a candle and lights it from hearth and starts to light other candles in room*
Voice from Darkness: GET OUT!

A cold wind blows. All the candles go out, apart from the ones on the hearth.

Me: Cute, I'm not leaving until I see Dimitru.
Voice from Darkness: Dimitru is, he's unavailable. *Steps into light* You may however speak to me, if you so wish.
Me: *Cautiously sits down and watches as the hooded figure in robe of white sits down*
Hooded figure: You know who I am?
Me: Yes, I do now where is Dimitru?
Hooded Figure: He is... busy. Yes, let's just say busy.
Me: What have you done to him?
Hooded Figure: Me? My dear child, I have done nothing to Dimitru.
Me: Then where is he? Why hasn't he been talking to me? Why has NO-ONE here in The Community been talking to me?
Hooded Figure: *Softly chuckles* My dear child, isn't it as plain as that little nose on your face?
Me: You told Dimitru and the others not to talk to me.
Hooded Figure: Correct.
Me: Why?
Hooded Figure: I want to talk to you.
Me: There was an easier way!
Hooded Figure: I wanted to see how long before you would appear at his door.
Me: Now, I'm here, what you want?
Hooded Figure: My dear child, what way is that to talk to anyone?
Me: Normally, I wouldn't. But, you are not just anyone are you? I'll ask you again, what do you want?
Hooded Figure: My dear child, you are a brave little thing are you not?
Me:  After... after what happened with Dimitru, can you blame me?
Hooded Figure:  *Softly chuckles* Ah, my dear child, but I am NOT Dimitru am I?  I have some things I want to say to you and you will listen...
Me:  Why should I?
Hooded Figure:  Because, my dear child... If you want ANYONE from The Community to talk to you again, you WILL listen.
Me:  *Shrinks back in her chair*
Hooded Figure:  Good, you learn fast.  Now my dear child a few things I think you should know about your precious Dimitru.  There are things about him, things about his past.  His past, has been... checkered to put it mildly.
Me:  Why are you telling me this?
Hooded Figure:  *Ignores Bunny and continues*  Dimitru, there are things he hasn't told you, what happened before his input into The Community.  My dear child, just be careful.
Me:  I am!
Hooded Figure:  *Softly chuckles* Yes, of course you are.
Me:  What.... what did Dimitru do?
Hooded Figure:  *Stands up and looks down at Bunny*  I've told you...
Me:  What?  You've told me NOTHING!
Hooded Figure:  That is a matter of opinion.
Me:  Are you always like this?
Hooded Figure: *Laughs and starts to leave*
Me:  WAIT!
Hooded Figure:  *Stops and inclines his head* Yes?
Me:  Dimitru, I need to talk to him, you know that.
Hooded Figure:  Of course, just be careful.
Me:  Of Dimitru?
Hooded Figure:  Yes.
Me:  I trust him, I trust Dimitru.
Hooded Figure:  Then you are a bigger fool than I thought.  Are you not coming? Dimitru won't be back tonight.
Me:  *Stands up and follows the Hooded Figure out of Dimitru's room.*

Bunny leaves with more questions than answers.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Snowflake Story 8 (1st installment)

Snowflake glared at his twin and picked up his pint and took a drink.  "Snowy..."  

"The police took me to a body, a small body.  It... He... was barely recognisable.  I had to identify, my son.   That was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.  It was then that Abi broke down, she couldn't stand to be around me.  She left before the funeral...

It was then that I swore, I swore on my dead son.  I swore that I would find his killer and kill him.  I would make him pay, I would make him suffer."

Tentatively Zero put a hand on his twin's back, "Don't Zero."  Zero removed his hand and studied his twin, his heart ached to see his twin in so much pain.  "Snowy..."

"ZERO! Just fucking leave it!" They both glared as one at The Blood Rose, then they spoke as one. "And, what the FUCK are you laughing at?"  The Blood Rose softly chuckled, "Zero, I believe it is your turn."

Those words, hit Zero and hit him hard.  "I can't..."   Snowflake shook his head at his twin, "Yes, you fucking well can!"

"Jarvis, give me a smoke."  Snowflake rounded on his twin, "Zero! Like fuck you are! No way are you smoking again!"  With a tattooed hand, Zero accepted the cigarette from Jarvis.  Zero lit the cigarette, closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.  He removed the cigarette with his tattooed hand. Zero glanced at his twin. "LITTLE brother, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to smoke. You can fuck off, if you don't like it."

Zero gave Snowflake a cheeky smile and a wink.  Snowflake knew it was no use arguing with Zero, not when he was in this mood.  They didn't notice Jarvis had left until he had returned, he tossed a couple of packets of cigarettes and a box of matches in front of Zero.  "That should keep you going."

Zero smiled at Jarvis as he stubbed out the cigarette and lit another one.  He glanced at his twin's reproachful gaze and softly chuckled "Deal with it, little brother."   Snowflake glared at his older twin "You know what I think..."  Zero winked, "Tell someone who gives a fuck."  The Blood Rose laughed, "As enduring as all this brotherly love is.  Zero would you be so kind as to tell us what happened, five years ago."  

Zero slowly blew out smoke and turned the cigarette over in his hand.  He lit another one from it before stubbing the spent cigarette out.  He glanced at The Blood Rose, "You know what happened.  Five years ago... what happened.  I've blocked it out, buried it.  No need to dig it up again."


Zero looked at the faces around the table, he turned the cigarette over in his hand.  Zero slammed his empty glass on the table, it partially smashed.  Blood flowed from his hand, staining the cigarette.  He opened his hand and removed the glass that was embedded.  The others around the table winced as one when he pulled the glass from his hand.  Zero threw the discarded bits of glass in the ashtray.

"That'll help"

Zero glanced at Jarvis as laughed, "Yeah, it did."
"Let me see?"  Zero pulled his hand away from Jarvis.
"What Jarvis? What? What happened five years ago wasn't bad enough that..."

Zero flexed his bloodied hand and watched as blue lightening crackled across his bloodied hand.  He winked at Jarvis and showed him his hand, "See Doc, all better now."

Jarvis shook his head at Zero as The Blood Rose looked on.  "Zero... your story?"

"Fine! It was coming up to Mark's fifth birthday.  I had got him that Star Wars lego he had been pestering everyone for.  You know the one, the Death Star one.  Blue..."
Zero finished his cigarette and lit another one.  "Blue, had been a slight annoyance up to that point, then he got worse.  As Snowy has already said he had blamed him for the death of his child.  It was two days before Mark... before it happened.  Blue had threatened he would kill me.  Well after I had done to him, who could blame him.

Blue came calling, came to the bar.  He demanded that I see him.  Demanded that I talk to him, he was drunk."  Zero softly chuckled, "He could barely walk.  I asked him politely to leave, but he was having none of it. I reminded him that he was barred.  He just laughed and then spat in my face.  After I wiped my face, I walked around the bar and grabbed him.  I forced him out of my bar, pushed him up the steps and towards Charlie's.  It was there that I sopped. I grabbed Blue by the throat and held him up against the wall"

Zero ran his fingers through his hair, then his tone changed.  In quiet reflection, he spoke.  His words were calm and deliberate.  No remorse and no emotion.

"I had Blue up against the wall, by his throat.  You know how The Experiment left me being able to heal.  Well, what most of you don't know is that it also left me being able to take away energy, to take away life."

"Zero..." Snowflake was hesitant,  "Zero... what DID you do?"
Zero glanced at his twin, "I took from him that which he did not need.  That night, I took from Blue his desire to cause pain, his anger.  Though we all know that wasn't enough.  I...

I... nearly killed Blue that night. I wish to God I had."

A wry smile spread across Zero's lips "Though, I did rough him up a bit.  I heard they found Blue the next day.  In the doorway of Charlie's all bloodied and bruised.  Like a good little boy Blue he told Charlie or the police nothing."

The Blood Rose softly chuckled.  "Ah! But Zero, that's not the full story is it?"
Zero glared at The Blood Rose "Be a good Zero now and tell the full story."
"I'm not going there."
All eyes turned to face The Blood Rose.

The Blood Rose pulled Miranda closer to him.  "Like you have a choice.  Zero you will tell the full story, or I WILL!"

Zero resigned himself, he knew that look coming from The Blood Rose.  They all did, they all knew better than to argue with The Blood Rose.
Zero leaned back and flexed his tattooed hand, his cigarette rested lazily in his right hand. "I can't"

"Zero, this is your LAST fucking chance!"
Zero leaned forward and lit another cigarette.  Jarvis softly chuckled and took the freshly lit cigarette from him.  The Blood Rose glared at Zero, "I'm waiting."
"Fine! I'll tell the rest of the story."

Zero glanced briefly at his twin then back at The Blood Rose.  He blew smoke out in a long thin stream, "FUCK!"  The Blood Rose softly chuckled, "Zero..."
"That night, with Blue.  That night, I just didn't remove something from Blue.  I, I also added something."
"Zero! What the FUCK did you do?"
"Snowy, I did what needed to be done."

Zero caught the look of The Blood Rose and reluctantly continued.  "I added..."

To be continued...