Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scared to write...

Following most recent blog posts and ramblings on twitter, I want to explain things a bit further.

I'm scared to write, literally scared to write.  Haven't let Snowflake near me since yesterday evening, well that is a bit of a lie.  Have told Demon Muse to keep him away from me, I don't want Snowflake near me.  Not even allowed near my dreams.  As I've said before when I write I see it being played out as if I am part of it.  I can see everything, hear, feel the emotions of my characters and even smell, the smell of blood can be more than overpowering...  And, I had to stop writing otherwise I would have been sick.

For those of you that are caught up with the story, the next playtime Snowflake has is WORSE than his last one.  And, you what the worst (?) thing is? I know there is worse to come AFTER this one that will be appearing in 8.8,  I have seen bits of future for Snowflake and erm yeah.  Let's not go there.

Zero however, he did appear in my dreams last night and we had a lovely heart to heart.

Though in saying all that as I write this little bits of Snowflake's playtime in 8.8 are starting to creep through, bits that I had blocked out.  My stomach is starting to hurt and I can taste blood that isn't mine in my mouth.   You're just going to have to be patient with me while I work on getting a stronger stomach...

maybe lining it with lead will help?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

random thoughts XIII

I tweeted some things on twitter today, re: Snowflake. For those that missed it, here they are for you to see, some may have only seen last tweet and you might be confused. 

Tweeted at around 5pm:

Snowflake, ever thought of wearing an apron, to protect your clothes from blood? Honestly, what am I going to do with you?

Tweeted at around 7pm:




followed by:

*puts pen and journal down* 

seriously I can't write this anymore or I'm going to be sick. 

*glares at Snowflake*

Most recent tweet re Snowflake:

Me: Tell him to go away
Demon Muse: Don't be like that
Me: Snowflake, is a sick fuck! I want nothing to do with him tonight
Muse: *laughs*

So, I am ignoring Mr Snowy, seriously I can't write it any more or I will be sick.  Maybe can pick up the pen again tomorrow, but for tonight I'm done.

random thoughts XII

Last night Mr Snowy visited me in my dreams.  He is standing beside me to be sure I don't give anything away, but I can say that he was covered in blood.  Lots of blood, and he was grinning.  Looks like Mr Snowy gets to "play" again (as he calls it).  So yeah. Be warned if he ever visits you. If Mr Snowy asks you if you want to play. Say no and run. Run away fast. And, don't look back. Because he will be behind you. Reaching out for you.  With a tattooed hand.  The tattooed hand will be on your shoulder.  As you glance and slowly turn.  He'll...

Okay, will stop there, he can't breathe from laughing. Though in the dream, what he does, okay can't give anything away but... You'll see Mr Snowy play again soon, either in 8.8 or 8.9.  There's something that he says that made me think, "Awwwww how sweet" then in the next instant, thought "Wait... how could I call that sweet?"

Ah the joys of having the charismatic Mr Snowy as a character.

I'll get the dream written down in one of my jorunals later and then hopefully will get peace to write 8.8 later today :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

random thoughts XI

Been doing a lot of research over past few days about torture (again) and effects it has on people and, also psychological torture.

Snowflake is in a better mood, he's positively joyful! When was doing research he said "Oh! Wouldn't mind having a go at using [...]"  I do worry about him at times.  So yes you may see Snowflake doing his "special thing" at some point again in the future.  Okay, you will, since he's standing in front of me nodding his head *sighs* lol

Meanwhile things are progressing well with Project Angel :)  I'm also getting plenty of inspiration from dreams and everyday stuff which is going into my journals :)  I'm also writing dreams in journal so it's all good.

Today wasn't on twitter during day job and got overall got 3K down, so I think am going to continue with it, no twitter during day job, but during mornings, evenings and weekends will be about.  It also pleases Demon Muse as he can happily inspire me and am more open to characters talking to me.

random thoughts X

Yesterday was a no twitter day, and it was good. Got 7,900 words written in my journal, 5,200 of those words were during day job. Yeah it was a slow day yesterday.  Mix of plot line ideas for Snowflake story, new character for it.  Bit more working out for Project Angel, some research done, other ideas just usual stuff that goes into my journal.  As well as random thoughts to be used later for inspiration.

So today, will be no twitter at day job day.  Also had a few dreams in regards to Snowflake story so want to get those down in journal and may see them appear in Snowflake story soon :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

random thoughts IX

Today is a no twitter day.

Last night, I merged the notebooks and stuff and children's writing blog into this blog.  I'm starting to create pages to help you find posts. And to pacify my OCD.  I've already got tattoos on a page and said page is published.  Working on a page sharing my journals etc and also the teasers from that storytelling session from Halloween 2013.

I'm also working a top secret project codenamed: Project Angel

It's so secret even I don't have all the information. Well, okay, I do but thought that sounded good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snowflake 8 (7th installment)

"Usher!" Usher softly chuckled as his wife stood up and wrapped her arms around him. He turned to one of his younger brother's guards. "Will you tell me what is going on? Where's Snowy?"

Snowflake entered the living room, silently sat down on the sofa and lazily tapped the black scorpion on Usher's hand.  It was all Usher needed to understand.

"Take her to the room that has been prepared for them"
"Yes, Snowflake"

Amanda started to protest but Usher gave her a look.  She knew that look too well, reluctantly she followed Snowflake's guard.  Snowflake waited until Amanda was gone before he spoke. "Usher... The First's son has returned. You know what that means..."

Usher stared at Snowflake in disbelief, he sat down on the armchair and stared at his younger brother. "My son?"

"He's safe, he's upstairs with Jarvis"
"Snowy... has he?"
"Been in touch? No, though we think it's only a matter of time. Of course he won't come here. Though we are expecting a Black Scorpion soon. And, that..." Snowflake sat upright on the sofa and leaned forward. "My dear older brother is were you come in..."


"You know what I want and YOU WILL tell me or..."
"No, please... I'm one of you"
His laugh was a cold laugh that chilled him to the bone.

Not for the first time he sat blot upright in his bed. He shook his head, trying to shake the dream away.  His black hair fell into his eyes.  Sheets tangled around him, his naked body drenched in a cold sweat.  He knew he couldn't go on like this.  His red eyes stared into the darkness of the room. They grew a deeper red as he made up his mind, as he decided what had to be done.


"Your hurting me!"
"I said let go!"

Silver released his grip on Kinsella, she stood up and grinned at Clover.  "My hero!"

Clover let go of Silver and winked at Kinsella. "Care to buy your hero a drink? How does big brother's place sound?"
"Perfect" He laughed as they headed towards Zeros.  Silver downed his drink and went back inside Charlie's.  As he ordered another drink, he was going to drink to forget.


"Kinsole... What is it?"
"Zero, Vasant knows..." Zero's head started to race, "Know what?"
"What happened with you and The Blood Rose, Vasant knows"

Zero softly chuckled, "Is that all?"
Kinsole failed to hide his shock, "Is that all? Is THAT all? Zero! Have you lost your mind?"

They both turned towards the door when it opened. Zero grinned when he saw Kinsella and Clover enter. "Sella! Looking good" His grin grew wider when she slightly flushed.

Clover and Kinsella walked up to them and Zero hugged her.  Kinsella's heart soared, when he broke away she looked up at those piercing blue eyes of his. "Zero..."

She laughed, "You do know you're the only one, I allow to call me that"
Zero grinned and gave her a cheeky wink, "Yes, I know"

Kinsella looked Zero up and down admiring him in his grey suit.  "Zero, You look good in grey..."

Zero gave her a slow smile and a cheeky wink as her hand touched his blue silk tie. Her hand slowly moved down the front of his waistcoat.  Zero grabbed her hand before she went any further. He looked down at her with his piercing blue eyes.  Zero let go of her hand, before leaning in and whispered something in her ear. Kinsella giggled as she curled an arm around his waist.

Clover grinned at the couple and inclined his head at Kinsole.  He took the hint and followed Clover out of Zeros.  Leaving Zero and Kinsella alone in the bar...


"Vasant, if Clover tells Snowy..."
Vasant laughed, "It'll be fine, don't worry about it"

Abigail stared at Vasant, "Are you serious? Vasant, Snowflake..."
"I know all about Snowflake..."
"No you don't Vasant, not everything"
Vasant stared to worry, he did not like Abigail's tone.


Raven ignored Linden's fake protests as he stopped and pushed her against the wall of the building.  He leaned in, kissed her and laughed when she playfully pushed him away.

"Quoth the Raven, Nevermore"
Raven glanced at the man, his appearance, even his voice had changed but it was unmistakable to Linden who he was. The black sunglasses he always wore gave him away.  He inclined his head at Linden and put out his hand for her to take. "My White Queen, I need to talk to you..." He glanced at Raven as she put her hand in his. "Most urgently"

Raven looked on helpless as Linden led him into her house. He headed towards Moriarty's.

Inside Linden's...

"I like your new look..." Absent-mindedly she fetched a bottle of Chianti and a wine glass, she poured a glass which he took with more of a hint of a smile on his lips. She placed the bottle in front of him, before sitting down opposite him.

"What name are you going by?"
He softly chuckled as he took a drink. Removing  his black sunglasses, he didn't fail to notice the grin on her face. His red eyes, a deep red seemed to look into her soul. Linden took the hint, "What can I do for my Black King?"

He leaned back in the chair, his black hair fell into his eyes. "I thought you'd never ask..."


George looked at his mum, patiently waiting for her to talk. In his short life, in all his five years, he never knew her to be like this.

"George, your daddy hasn't been around, he doesn't know about you. But... if you want to meet your daddy, then I'll arrange it"
George looked up at her with piercing blue eyes "Really?"
"Yes" She gave her son back his sketchbook.

She dreaded this day, she dreaded having to meet...


Zafia shrunk back from him. "Please..."
"Please? NOW you beg? After all the trouble you've caused? Spreading lies about me, about us!" Rob glared at Zafia, his anger rising. In one quick movement he grabbed her by the throat and held her up against the wall. "Zafia... you WILL pay for your lies."

Zafia pleaded at him with her eyes. Rob laughed a laugh that was not human...

To be continued...