Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Fires of Hell...

"Have you ever seen the Fires of Hell?"  She glanced at the chalk markings on the floor, she was certain she had done the seal correctly.  The fact that the Demon was standing in front of her was testament alone, she hoped she had done enough to contain him.

"You're wondering about the seal, it will not hold me.  I choose to stand here, merely to make sure you do not flee. You, I have a task for you..."  She took a step back, the Demon stepped outside of the seal and pulled her towards him.  He dragged her back to the seal, and together they disappeared.

"The Fires of Hell burn for you my child, and for you alone." The Demon placed an arm around her waist, "Look upon The Fires of Hell as they burn in your name.  As they burn for you, and for you alone."

Her head started to swim, what did he mean that the fires burned for her? Her body started to sway, the Demon caught her as she fainted.  He took her deeper into Hell...


A little teaser of a story inspired by the above photographs that I took earlier today.  I have a rough outline of about 1300 words for it written.  Will see how this one takes shape, new story and new characters... exciting! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Demon of Words V - Nov 14

Okay, I admit it, I've been lazy updating my word count, but have been managing to punch out around 1K a day.  Some days more, some less but that's the way things go. It means that I am still a bit behind schedule but at least I'm writing and I'm still enjoying it which is the main thing.  Today is update day.

Total to date: 14, 107

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Demon of Words IV - Nov 14

Been a few days since I've done an update.  Things have been going slow, other things have got in way of writing.  I was back on twitter during the day job, but Demon Muse is putting a stop to that from now on.  And will be that way until further notice.  I know I'm behind, but Demon Muse is confident that I will catch up.  You do remember that I write pen on paper right?  I can see a few callouses appearing...

Total to date: 6,094.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

migraine attack

This morning at 6:30am (GMT), woke up with a level 10 migraine attack.  After several hours of sleeping, I got up at around 3:30pm (GMT).  Migraine headache gone, but still feel very much out of it.  Demon Muse did his best to control the dreams, and in a way he managed to filter some of them.  But they still linger, there in the back of head.  Trying not to think about them, because they would most likely make me feel sick.  But in them lies inspiration.

And when I get well enough, they will go into one of my journals.  Whether they will get used or not is another matter, but that is not that point.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Demon of Words III - Nov 14

Today I got 1,600 words down :) I'm happy with what I got down and the story is taking an interesting turn. I did tweet some bits as I was writing and I'm going to share two of them below.



Total to date: 4,924 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Demon of Words II - Nov 14

No writing was done yesterday on orders from Demon Muse.  Today I got 1,230 down.  Not really in mood to do anymore writing and yes I know I'm a bit behind but I'll get caught up.

Total to date: 3,234

Something you should know

About 9.1, I was blackmailed into...

Snowflake: You were what? *Glares at Bunny*
Me: Blackmailed. Anyway as I was saying, they blackmailed...
Zero: *Coughs* Blackmail is such a strong word.  I prefer the term "gentle persuasion*
Snowflake:  You would nearly think she doesn't appreciate us.
Me:  You two, blackmailed me. No matter what way you sugar coat it! You both said you would not talk to me anymore if I did not do the layout as you wanted.
Zero: *Grins* Yes. and? What's wrong with that?
Zero: *Softly chuckles* As I said, gentle persuasion.
Me: I hate you both!
Snowflake & Zero as one: No, you don't.  You only think you do.
Me: GAH!
Both: *Laugh*