Friday, July 31, 2015

Interview III (Clover)

In this third interview, I'll be interviewing Clover.

For the benefit of the interview Clover is male. He is wearing a light brown three piece suit with pale blue shirt. Dark blue and white tie with matching pocket.

Bunny: Thank you for agreeing to an interview.
Clover: You're welcome, Miss Floppy Ears.
B: <sighs> It is necessary to wear those? (for the benefit of the interview, Clover is wearing "Pince Nez glasses").
C: But of course, all the better to see you with.
B: You don't need them!
C: <laughs> No, but they look good.
B: Okay, let's get started...
C: Well my sexual preferences are...
C: <laughs>
B: NOT that kind of interview!
C: <laughs> I'm sorry Bunny, I couldn't resist. Please continue.
B: You don't often wear suits do you?
C: No, true. Thought I'd smarten myself up for this interview. My line of work doesn't really call for it. Though sometimes I do wear them for work.
B: What is it that you do?
C: I make a living from stabbing people with needles all day.
B: Clover!
C: <softly chuckles> I'm a tattooist. The way The Experiment left me, it was my only real option.
B: Yes, I can understand that. Like a lot of my characters, you are heavily tattooed. The tattoos on the back of your hands, do they have any meaning?
C: The skulls? <shrugs> They're just skulls, Bunny.
B: They're more than that.
C: <laughs> Spoilers, Bunny...spoilers!
B: You have been sometimes been called little psycho by others. What are your thoughts on this?
C: <a big grin spreads across Clover's face> must be justified then.
B: Can you expand.
C: I could, yes.
B: Will you expand.
C: <looks over his Pince Nez glasses> No!
B: Any reason why?
C: Yes of course there's a reason. There's always a reason!
B: Are you going to share?
C: No, no I'm not. You know this little umbrellas you get with cocktails?
B: I'm meant to be interviewing you! But yes, I do. What about them?
C: I keep them.
B: You collect them?
C: Collect souls? No, that's not my job, who told you that?
B: <face palm>
C: <removes Bunny's hand from her face> Peek-a-boo! I seeeeeeee you!
B: <laughs> Anything else you want to add?
C: <starts to sing> Two and two are four...four and four are eight...
B: Smart arse!
C: <winks and laughs> Yes, I'm not as crazy as you think I am.
B: No, you're crazier!
C: <stands up and starts to walk out the door> Maybe, Bunny. Maybe, but what does that make you?

And with that the interview is over. Clover has left.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Interview II (Dimitru)

In this second interview, I will be interviewing Dimitru.

Bunny: Thank you for agreeing to an interview Dimitru.
Dimitru: You are most welcome.
B: Your height is rather imposing.
D: <laughs> Yes, I suppose it is. Not many who are 7ft tall.
B: 7ft excatly?
D: Yes, next question.
B: How do you keep your hair in such lovely condition?
D: <raises an eyebrow>
B: Sorry, erm is it difficult to manage. (For the benefit of the interview, Dimitru has long thick hair to his waist).
D: <laughs> No comment
B: Looks well tied at base of neck with a black ribbon.
D: I thought this was supposed to be a serious interview.
B: Apologies. You are part of The Order.
D: Correct.
B: Can you tell me more about it?
D: <looks at his nails, as if bored> If we must.
B: Please do.
D: As you wish. The Order, is a family of sorts, we look after our own. We also take in those with nowhere else to go.
B: What is the full name? And what is the reason for it existing?
D: The Order's full name is The Angelic Order of Archangel Gabriel. Not to be confused with The Order Demonica. We exist because we are.
B: You have links with the Demon.
D: <laughs> That didn't sound like a question, but yes we do. You know we all do.
B: It is true you...
D: We...? I would advise you to think carefully before you continue.
B: <shifts sightly in her seat> Is it true that The Order experiments on people.
D: <leans back in his chair. Stares at Bunny while he steeples his fingers>
B: I'm waiting.
D: That you are, I refuse to answer that question.
B: Why?
D: I am not authorised to do so.
B: Is that a yes or no?
D: I would advise you to drop this line of questions.
B: <nods> Is it true that The Order has close ties to The Shellax.
D: <glares at Bunny>
B: Erm...okay, moving on. How long have you been in The Order.
D: <visibly relaxes> Since the start, I am one of the founders.
B: What does The Order believe in?
D: This interview is over.
B: What?
D: <stands up> I said, this interview is over.

And with that the interview appears to be over. Not exactly sure why, but nevermind.

Interview I (Usher)

This will be the first of many interviews with my characters. If this interview gets you curious about my novel. I have shared the first few chapters in draft 1 stage. 'Snowflake, catch up page', link on menu to the left.

First to be interviewed is Usher.  For the benefit of the interview Usher is in black combats, Slayer t-shirt, black hoodie and black trainers.

Bunny: Hi Usher. Thank you for agreeing to an interview.
Usher: Not a problem.
B: You don't wear suits like a lot of my other characters. Can you tell me why.
U: Suits are for court or weddings.
B: Been to a lot of weddings then?
U: <softly chuckles> Been to court a lot.
B: It's difficult not to notice your tattoos. The one on your hand, the Black Scorpion. Tell me about that one.
U: <shrugs> It means, I'm a member of The Black Scorpions.
B: And they are?
U: The Black Scorpions are an elite group of people. They were head-hunted for their... talents. How The Experiment left them, was noticed and they were approached.
B: So it is an honour?
U: A high honour, yes.
B: Why the tattoo on the hand?
U: Members get tattooed on the hand or neck, because it is a highly visible area. This is to ensure our safety when in public.
B: The reputation of the group precedes itself.
U: <nods> It also has saved my life on more than one occasion.
B: It goes deeper than that, doesn't it?
U: <ignoring the question, continues> When, I first got sent down. When I first went to prison, I wasn't long in The Black Scorpions. When they saw the tattoo, the other inmates, well...they left me alone. A few of the guards were Black Scorpions and they helped me adjust. They introduced me to other Black Scorpions that were inside with me.
B: How did that go?
U: Without issue. To be a Black Scorpion is more than what they do. It is part of a family. They help to look out for and, look after your family. Makes no difference if you're inside or ill. They are there for you any time, day or night. Without question.
B: What exactly do the Black Scorpions do?
U: <laughs>
B: It was a serious question.
U: Can't tell you that...spoilers! <laughs>
B: Why did they want you?
U: The way The Experiment left me, when I came of age. When I reached the age of understanding, I was in demand.
B: How do you mean?
U: The Shellax wanted me as did The Black Scorpions. The Order wanted me as did The Surgeon...
B: <eyes widen>
U: Let me guess, mention of The Surgeon?
B: Yes
U: <laughs> Well you know how that one worked out. Though can't say anything more.
B: Yes, I know, spoilers. Tell me about your family.
U: <raises an eyebrow> big family, lots of siblings. We fight, we make up, we fight again. The usual, nothing more to say.
B: Oh, there's lot more you can say.
U: <sighs> Including me, 6 boys, 1 girl. I'm the second eldest. Also, at 6ft 4, the second tallest.
B: You get on well with them?
U: Seriously?  You're fucking asking that? Very well, I'll play along. Yes, most of the time. The twins can be tiresome but on occasion they listen to me. My sister, well, as you can imagine we are highly protective of her.
B: <laughs>
U: I am not discussing my family further.
B: Does that extend to your own family?
U: <glares> Yes, I am not discussing them.
B: May I ask why.
U: I'm fucking not! <glares>
B: Moving along then. At what age were you taken for The Experiment.
U: I was four days old.
B: <eyes widen>
U: <laughs> Yes Bunny, I know.
B: Spoilers
U: Yes, spoilers.
B: You have a quick temper, would that be a fair assessment?
U: <softly chuckles> It depends, I have buttons like everyone else. Though, yes, it has been described as explosive in the past.
B: I'm not going there. It has been noted by some that you have money...
U: <laughs> I've done alright for myself, as have we all. True, I don't show it off like some...but we won't go there.
B: Probably wise, I think that'll do.
U: Good timing! Got to go now anyway.
B: Thanks again Usher.
U: <winks> No problem Bunny.

And with that Usher has left. Hope you enjoyed the first interview. Feel free to comment, but please do so spoiler free.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weaving of words II

Following on from previous blog post, this merge... I swear it'll be the fucking death of me! I know I am fortunate, lucky maybe, not to have the whole thing blow up in my face. But... one word, fucking characters!  Okay, so that was two words... but they are testing my patience to the fucking end!

Snowflake, Zero, Dimitru and Julian (Jules) are not getting on. Snowflake and Zero in one corner, Dimitru and Jules in the other. They snipe and snark at each other, they're like children! <sighs>

On another note, I plan to secure pages that were just shoved into journals before my break away. As will be taking journals with me and I suspect a bag will be needed for them alone.

Thirteen full journals, plus three partially filled journals. Included in that number are previously written novels, that were for The Community. Now they have to be merged with Snowflake novel.

Can you see a big long series happening? <sighs>

Next week am away to Belfast for the week. I am planning on starting to get started on Snowflake 1, draft 2 then.

The merge also has increased character count to roughly ninety. Though in reality more like in the high nineties.  Also not one character sheet written for any of them.

In a weird way, part of me is looking forward to it. Yes, I am fully aware that my mind has packed up and left.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weaving of words...

Following on from my last blog post, I think I know now how to weave the two together. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about or have forgotten. Will be doing a little overview for you.

The Community novels were set across two time periods, three in past and three in present. Though I got as far as writing four and onto number five when I stopped writing it. The Community itself are of a strict Christian belief. In the beginning, it was pure. Then, as happens, it got corrupted over time. The main character of the novels set in the past is Dimitru. The main character of the novels set in the present is Julian (Jules).

Both Dimitru and Jules were part of those that ran The Community. In order for them to be accepted in this role, they had to go through trials.

As, I have previously said the above ties in with Snowflake novel. Fail for a better word, there are a lot of groups in Snowflake novel. Already mentioned in what I've shared are The Shellax and The Black Scorpions. There are a few not yet mentioned. One of which is simply called The Order. It does have a longer name, but this is a commonly used name. The Order is The Community.

Dimitru, Jules et al will be merged into Snowflake novel. Jules will be kept in present, storyline there that I want to keep. Dimitru...I don't know what to do with Dimitru. Storyline alone dictates that he stays in the past. But...I had a dream with him and Snowflake, so he may be in present. Though that doesn't mean anything.

That's how things are at the moment and, how I'm trying to figure it out.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Writing update

This will make sense to regulars and those who have been reading this blog for a long time.

If you remember the novels that I wrote about Dimitru and Jules. They were collectively called The Community.  During my not so completely writing break, I have discovered something.

<bangs head repeatedly against padded desk>

It turns out that The Community novels tie in big time with the Snowflake novels. Which means that am seriously not fucking impressed with my characters!

I'm going to Belfast for a week in August. Will take that time to figure out what the fuck to do in regards the second draft of Snowflake novel.

Meanwhile my characters are finding this highly amusing.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Demon's Wishes #9

My Demon Muse wishes to feed you.

Word count of 300 - 500 words.
Post the story on your blog and use the linky thing and would be good if you linked back in your post.
Any genre though if you want to write something horror/scary feel free to do so.
And here is the photo prompt (taken by me).

Ends near midnight, 25 June 2015