Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a little (not so little) rant

I've been on this dating site a few days now and things are going well.  Doing a few wind-ups, some take it well, others not.  Some people have no sense of humour.  One thing that I did tweet which I thought was interesting is this.  When talking to boxers when they ask me what I am (Orthodox or South-Paw), when I reply South-Paw I hear nothing more from them.  Does this scare them? I'd be tiny compared to them! Ah well, their loss.

Another thing, men (going by purely from what I've encountered on the dating site) are from a different fucking galaxy never mind planet! Let me explain...

As you know I'm heavily tattooed, so I have messaged heavily tattooed men.  Makes sense right? When read their profile, they say they're not going to stop.  They also say something along lines of that they would like someone who doesn't mind them being tattooed or getting more.  Cue me, sending them a message.  Then they either don't reply AFTER viewing my profile or reply and then stop talking to me.  Apparently a heavily tattooed woman who isn't going to stop who WOULDN'T mind them getting tattooed. Is not a good thing. WTF? See they're from a fucking different galaxy.  A few friends have said that maybe they're jealous of my tattoos, which is stupid if the case.  Fuck, it just wrecks my head trying to think about it. 

I also had my first *red light flashing, siren blaring* creepy, stalker alert today.  I just walked away, he was really fucking creepy.  As in scary creepy, and I don't scare easily.  And, yes I did block him, which makes number three that I've blocked since joining.

I'm still enjoying it and the wind-ups are always fun.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Demon's Wishes #1

Let's see how this thing goes.

My Demon Muse wishes to feed you.

Word count of 325-500 words.
Post the story on your blog and use the linky thing.
Any genre though if you want to write something horror/scary feel free to do so.
And here is the photo prompt.

Ends near midnight on Sunday 21 December 2014.

The past few days...

...well, they have been interesting to say the least.  On Friday the 12th, I joined an online dating site. So far so good, well apart from getting blocked by one bloke. Apparently asking him if he had any tattoos not in pic was offensive!? I know, WTF? I just laughed it off and yeah whatever dude lol

I've also blocked one bloke. This man got in touch because he liked my tattoos. Yesterday he complained that I wasn't asking any questions so I asked him twelve in my reply. I tweeted that and said that'll teach him, fucking dumbass! Well it appears that my joking turned out to be true. He asked me a question which I refused to answer. I then reminded him that I don't have to answer a question I don't want to, likewise a man doesn't have to answer a question he is asked. He replied saying I was a fucking hypocrite and my tattoos were disgusting like me. I calmly hit report and block and cursed his ass. Okay, so I didn't really curse him.

So, why am I writing about online dating on this blog? Quite simply I'm loving the psychology aspect of it and the interaction between me and prospective dates.  It is also feeding my Demon Muse, giving him lots of inspiration. I swear he's like a fucking junkie! Getting hit after hit after hit. And then I watched Insidious last night, yeah that fed him all the fucking more!

And, I had my first creep yesterday. I put him in line and he replied and apologised. Then I had another one who said "fine, don't talk" so I didn't, then he asked why I wasn't talking! He appeared miffed that I wasn't answering his replies straight away. Yeah, I'm not sitting on the dating site waiting for messages to come through. I do other stuff online. Admittedly tweeting about the dumbasses like him, but we won't tell him that lol

I also tweeted this yesterday:
Bloke asked me what my tattoos will look like when I'm 80
Me: Fucking Awesome :P

He didn't seem to appreciate that one lol, well if you're going to ask stupid dumbass questions.

Though I am already getting a bit sick of  "tattoos on a woman are so sexy!" If I had a quid...

Though what may be a bit (a lot) disturbing, are the ones that say my lower leg tattoos are sexy! I'm pretty certain I do NOT want to date someone who thinks that my lower leg tattoos are sexy. Okay, so maybe the scantily clad girl with the Demon is (sexy), but they don't say that. As I've said the psychology is interesting. Now, I'm no psychologist by any stretch of the imagination. But it still doesn't stop it being interesting.

What has made me laugh is that when some blokes during talking ask if up for NSA fun (NSA = No Strings Attached). Then when I say no, not into that. They reply saying something along the lines of, I didn't think you would be. So why fucking ask then? Lol Maybe it's the whole, don't ask, don't get thing. Those that ask are married or with someone, because they usually counter reply with, but I'm discreet.  I'm pretty sure being on an online dating site is not being discreet but whatever lol

And, why do I even reply to dumbasses? Because I can't help myself, it's all meant to be fun right?  Taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

This brings us to Saturday night...

Saturday night I went out, I went to see a local comedian called Jake O'Kane. During and afterwards my ribs and throat hurt from all the laughing. Funny as fuck :) Not everyone's cup of tea, but comedians are like that. Him from The Blame Game that sits beside the posh one lol

Demon Muse wants me to do a story around a theatre. Whether this will be part of Snowflake or not, I don't know. He's being fed lots, possibly too fucking much!  Imagine a child that has had too much sugar, times that by a fucking hundred and your getting close to what my Demon Muse is like. Yeah you may laugh, but you don't have to cope with him!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Deep in the grip of procrastination

And I have been since yesterday,  I knew this would happen.  Need to write a torture scene for Snowflake novel.  Which of course means researching torture methods.  Those of you that were about when I was researching the last torture scene, know what I was like.  You may remember what I was like when I was writing it.  I had to stop and start it, I literally felt sick in back of throat writing it.  And that was before I even typed it up! 

Feedback from said torture scene was good, in respect that people said made them feel sick.  They had to read through it fast, which is good. The upcoming torture scene will not be published on the blog, have to leave something as a surprise for you.  Though Snowflake has said he wants to try waterboarding on his next victim but with a twist.  I do know what waterboarding is, I came across it during research for the last torture scene.  Maybe because of my whole fear of water thing, which is why I'm avoiding it...

Ever get the feeling your character is being a fucking bastard just to annoy you? *Glares at Snowflake*

100wcgu #158

More about it can be found here. This week's challenge can be found here and the prompt is

…those special berries…


She turned the berries over in her hand, "Are you sure they will work?"  He glared at his granddaughter, "Are you questioning my judgement?"

"No, of course not pappap, it's just..." He took the berries from her hand.  He added them to the other ingredients in the mortar. As he grinded them with the pestle, he silently spoke the words.

"Drink!" She drank the potion, then she died.  The moment her soul left her body she was trapped.  "Your soul is mine!"  All too late she noticed the markings on the floor. "Pappap?"  Her grandfather laughed. He moved towards her.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Horror Bites #1

Horror Bites #1 200-300 words. Below the photo prompt and my attempt (212 words).

"Quick, in here!"  He didn't have time to think, he followed the instruction.  Closing the door behind him, he was about to say thanks when it dawned on him.  Slowly he turned, his screams filled the air as his head was torn form his body.  It was thrown into a bag with the other heads.  "How many does that make?" She shook the bag as she counted, "Ten, we're short two."  He glared at her, "Hey! Don't look at me like that.  This was your fucking idea, remember?! Let's make a pact with a demon you said.  How fucking hard can it be to get twelve human heads you said.  It will be fun, you said..."  He laughed, "Okay, okay. Well it sounded good when I came up with it." 

"All plans do when sitting in the pub!"  Carefully, he opened the door, "Get ready!"  Two men followed his instruction and ran inside.  All too late they realised their mistake.  Their heads were torn from their bodies.  He tossed the heads into the bag.  "Right, that's the lot.  Let's go."  She opened the trapdoor in the floor and jumped through, her brother followed. 

Twelve heads to appease a demon.  Twelve heads to secure their future and twelve heads to secure their death.

Horror Bites #2

Horror Bites #2 200-300 words. Below the photo prompt and my attempt (273 words).  They say you should write about what scares you, this one definitely falls under that category. Anyone who knows me, know that dolls creep the fuck out of me.

"I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I HATE IT!" She threw the doll onto the floor. Her father picked it up, "I thought she would like it.   The man in the toy shop said it was what every girl was wanting this Christmas."  A hand took the doll from him, "Don't be too hard on yourself.  It is ugly though.  You have to admit that."  He sat down and cradled a glass of whiskey in his hands.  "Ever since, her sister died, I've tried.  God knows I've tried my best. She was too young to understand.  I had hoped... that monstrosity would help.  Tell me, where did I go wrong?"  The woman threw the doll onto the ground.  "You've been amazing with her.  She'll come around.  You need to be patient." He took a drink of whiskey.  The fiery liquid burned his throat.  "Yes, I suppose you're right.  Maybe, I can return the doll?" 

"Don't do that Daddy! I love dolly." He turned and faced his daughter.  She was holding onto the doll tight.  "Pumpkin, I thought you hated it!"  She held tightly onto the doll.  "My dolly." He dropped the glass when a man stepped behind her.  She didn't scream when he lifted her up.  "She is mine now.  She belongs to me.  Your daughter is no longer yours."  His daughter put her arms around the man's neck.

"NO!"  Her father jumped up and ran into the hallway, the front door was open.  He ran outside.  There was no sign of them.  The doll lay discarded on the driveway.  He fell to his knees and screamed his daughter's name.