Friday, August 29, 2014

Snowflake 8 (5th installment)

The woman purred his name, as Snowflake moved to leave her bed.  "Do you have to go?" Snowflake leant down and kissed her, "Yes, sorry.  Time I was getting back." She pouted, "Your face will stay like that"

Snowflake moved away from her and sat on the edge of the bed.  "Still have this I see" As she traced the tattoo on the top of his arm.  Snowflake stood up and started getting dressed, "Yeah, but it'll be going soon."  As he put on his black shirt, she grinned.  Snowflake shook his head, "You're not making it any easier for me to leave."  She laughed and patted the bed beside her, "Then stay..."

"You know I can't do that, I have go."   Snowflake finished getting dressed and left without saying another word.  The ringing of the phone stirred her from her thoughts.



"Claire, you wouldn't believe who I just had in my bed..."


"Usher... I haven't been cheating on Joyce"
Usher was about to speak when the door opened, Usher grinned "Kinsole! When did you get back?"  Kinsole softly chuckled as he walked up the few steps to Usher.  Usher already had his hand out, Kinsole shook it and the men sat down.  "Rob..."

"Kinsole, your sister with you?"  Kinsole glanced at Rob before answering Usher, "Yeah, she's was heading over to Charlie's."
Rob stood up to leave, "Leaving so soon? I've only arrived!"

"Kinsole... it is taking all I have NOT to knock your fucking lights out.  Don't push me!"  Kinsole softly chuckled as Rob left Zeros.  Kinsole turned to face Usher, "I see he hasn't changed then?"  Usher laughed, "Do you blame him?"  Kinsole shrugged, "No, I suppose not."

"Kinsole, why are you back?"
"Kinsella, got summoned, I couldn't let her come back alone.  Not with her history..."  Usher interrupted him, "Vasant?"

Kinsole nodded, "Vasant.  Does Snowflake know?"
"About Vasant? Yes."

"KINSOLE! Thought I smelled cherry pipe tobacco, how the hell are you?"  Kinsole laughed as he saw Zero approach, "Not bad Zero and you?" His eyes wandered over to Miranda, "Mer..."

Miranda ignored Kinsole, "Thanks for the chat Zero, it helped."  Zero winked at his sister, "Anytime babe" The men watched as Miranda left the bar.  "Still sore, I see?"  Zero laughed as he joined them, "Trust me, Kinsole, you don't want to get involved with little sister. She's more trouble than she's worth."

Kinsole laughed, "From what I remember, I said the same thing to you about mine."
Zero looked sheepish, "Yeah well, that's different..."


"We can't stay out here in the street..."
 He laughed, "Ashamed?"
Abigail shook her head but her eyes told a different story.  Vasant slid an arm around her waist. "How about Moriarty's?" Abigail hesitated for a second, "Yeah sure"

They stepped inside Moriarty's and Abigail scanned the bar.  She left Vasant and settled into a booth in the corner.  A few minutes later he joined her.

"Well isn't this cosy!"  Abigail looked up, horror on her face.  "May I?" The man sat down before receiving an answer.  "Abigail Jarvis and Vasant eh? Now THIS is interesting..."


"You know I went out with Snowy right?" Silver softly chuckled, "Not many get to call him that." Kinsella ignored the remark, "I only did it to get closer to Zero..."

Kinsella took a drink then continued, "When Snowy broke it off... I went to Zeros. I searched Zero out. Kinsole warned me to stay away from Zero, but well..." She glanced at Silver, "Forbidden fruit and all that. It just made Zero more appealing."

"That's when big brother took you away?"
Kinsella laughed, "He's only older by 5 minutes! But to him, you'd think it was 5 years! Silver..."

Kinsella shifted in her seat, "Is he seeing anyone?"
Silver laughed, "Which one?" He laughed all the more at the glare that he received from her.

"Kinsella, you know what they're like..."
"Yeah... true"
Silver shook his head, "Another?"
Kinsella finished her drink, "Yeah, if you're buying" Silver grinned as he disappeared into Charlie's.


Amanda paced the living room.  "Would you relax?" She glared at Snowflake's guard, "No! Where is he?" "Suit yourself" The guard leaned against the wall giving the impression he was relaxed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Amanda stopped when she heard a car pull up outside. The guard took one look at her and hissed "Sit down!"

Amanda sat down on the sofa, as Snowflake's guard stood within reaching distance of her.  Amanda went to turn when she heard shouts, the guard moved quickly and forced her to lie down on the sofa.  He motioned her to be quiet, "Don't move!"

"Where is he?"
The guard laughed, "you shouldn't be here"
"The hell I shouldn't!"
"He isn't here, you should leave. Before he finds you here"
Johnny glared at the guard, "Do you know WHO I am?"

The guard laughed, "Makes no difference, you shouldn't be here"
"Tell Snowflake, I was here"
The guard exaggerated his nod, "Of course"

Johnny glared at him before he left much to the amusement of Snowflake's guards.


"Well hello handsome" Jarvis glanced at the woman when she lightly touched his tattooed arm. He looked the woman up and down, a faint hint of smile played on his lips. "Not interested" He went back to talking to the barman.

She persisted only when Jarvis nearly lost his temper did she leave him alone. The barman shook his head at Jarvis.  "Give me the bottle" Jarvis grabbed the bottle of Jameson's Whiskey and disappeared behind a door.  The woman went to follow, the barman stopped her. "Staff only" She pretended to argue then left.

As soon as she was outside, she pulled out her phone and dialled a number...


"But, Sir, we don't know what name he's using or what he looks like"
The First lashed out at The Shellax, gouging three deep trenches in his right cheek. "I don't care! Find my son, find that treacherous bastard and bring him back to me. Alive!"
Tentatively The Shellax touched his face. "Did you hear me?"
"Yes, Sir. I'll see to it personally."

The First turned his back on The Shellax. "Good and, if you fail..."

To be continued...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snowflake 8 (4th installment)

Miranda stood up, "Zero, I need to talk to you"  Zero stood up and led Miranda through the door to the right of the stage.

"Vasant isn't the only one who is back"
Usher's head was racing, "Who?" Rob laughed, "The First's Son..."  Rob let that sink in.  Usher stared at his older brother in disbelief "Rob, are you certain?"  One look from his older brother was all that Usher needed.

Without saying a word, Usher went over to the bar and pulled two pints. He put one in front of Rob and sat down opposite him. "So, tell me Rob, how long have you been cheating on your wife?" Rob's face dropped, "Usher..."


Urgent knocking on the door woke Amanda.  She slid off the bed, walked over to the window and pulled the curtains.  The knocking on the door was more urgent.

She walked over to the door and opened it "You lost your..."
A man was standing dressed in black jeans and t-shirt, "It's not safe for you here. Put some clothes on and let's go" Amanda started to protest then she saw the black snowflake on the man's neck. 

A few minutes later she was being led out of the back of The Blue Fox.  Snowflake's guard appeared nervous, Amanda wondered what was going on. She glanced back at The Blue Fox before she stepped inside the waiting car.  Her thoughts turned to Usher.


 "She's probably gone back to sleep.  Nothing to worry about."


"No, she pulled the curtains"


"Yes, I'm sure. Who would..."


 "Oh Shit!"

The man with the camera dropped the phone and ran out of the building.  He didn't see the bus pull out as he ran across the road...


"Tell me child, do you want to live?
Ania's eyes followed the Demon as he paced in front of her.  When she didn't answer, he stopped and knelt in front of her.  "Do you?"

Ania tried to speak but her voice was lost, she looked at him with pleading eyes.  He placed a hand on her throat and...


"Hey, Silver"  Silver looked up and grinned at the woman standing in front of him.  "Hey stranger"  The woman sat down beside him. "Drink?"
She grinned "Why not" Silver stood up to go inside Charlie's, "Usual?" The woman nodded, she watched as Silver disappeared inside the bar.

"Why did you do it?"
Silver glanced at Higgins as he called Charlie over.  "Do what?"

"That!" Silver laughed as he gave Charlie his order.  He still hadn't answered Higgins when he picked up the drinks. "To piss Zero off" Higgins shook his head and laughed as he downed his drink. "Same again, Charlie"

Outside Charlie's...

Silver placed the drinks on the table, the woman smiled.  "Why are you back?" She winked at him as she took a drink, "I got summoned" Silver softly chuckled "Kinsella being a naughty girl again?"

"Silver, if only it was that easy..."
"Kinsella who summoned you back?"
Kinsella looked at Silver with her green eyes she spoke one word. "Vasant"

"Shit! I thought he was still in Paris"
"Silver, there is something you should know..."


The smell of cherry pipe tobacco followed him as he headed towards Zeros.  Kinsole smiled at the woman who gushed that she loved that smell.  A couple of Snowflake's guards were outside.  Kinsole walked towards Zeros, he went to go downstairs.  One of the guards stopped him, Kinsole laughed as he pushed past him and disappeared into Zeros...

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snowflake 8 (3rd installment)

"What do you mean?"  The Blood Rose grinned, he spoke one word "Winter"

"NO!" Jarvis stood up, "You ARE not dragging my youngest into this" The Blood Rose was calm, too calm. "Jarvis, Winter can save Ania..." Jarvis interrupted him, "I said NO!" They silently watched as Jarvis left the bar. Raven followed his father, closely followed by Linden.

The Blood Rose grinned, "Anyone else want to leave? You do of course, know he's back don't you?... Snowflake?"

Snowflake glanced up at The Blood Rose, "Who?"

"Vasant"  The colour started to drain from Snowflake's face. "I...I thought he was still in Paris"
The Blood Rose softly chuckled, "He got back yesterday. He told me to tell you he said hello"

Snowflake stood up, "Mer..."
Miranda didn't move, "And, what would Vasant think of you with my little sister? Miranda, I won't be telling you again!"  The Blood Rose winked, "I suppose we'll find out sooner or later and Snowflake... your little sister isn't going anywhere."  Snowflake glared at the couple, "Mer, you've made some mistakes in your life...but HIM?" Snowflake shook his head as he left the bar.  He didn't notice Higgins follow.

"You really are a shit aren't you?"
 "Now, Clover, is that any way to talk to me?" Clover softly chuckled.


She froze when she him, she willed her body to move.  It wasn't listening, he was getting closer, what the hell was wrong with her? Walking tall and straight towards her was a man from the past, someone she prayed she would never see again.  She turned away from him, but it was too late...

A tattooed hand, tucked a stray hair behind her ear.  She whispered his name.  The tattooed hand with the Jerasulem cross fell down behind her neck. "I thought you were still in Paris." Vasant grinned, "And I thought you'd have left by now"

 Abigail looked into those brown eyes, eyes so dark they were nearly black.  "Vasant..."
"Never stopped you before"
 "Vasant, that was before..."
"Did you ever tell him? About us?"
 Abigail stepped back from Vasant, "No, I told The Blood Rose it was Blue that I had the affair with."
 "So, he's no idea the child was mine?"
Vasant laughed and pulled Abigail in close, "that's about to change"
 "Vasant! You can't! Snowflake will kill us both!"

Vasant winked, "I am counting on it..."


Jarvis reached the top of the steps of Zeros and headed towards The Blue Fox. "Dad!" Jarvis stopped and turned, Raven was standing at the top of the steps with Linden.  Jarvis shook his head and disappeared inside The Blue Fox.

"What now?"  Raven grinned at Linden, "Well, I could think of a few things..."  Linden laughed as she let him lead the way.


Snowflake's guards looked at their boss with a quiet curiosity.  He had that look about him.  That looked that spelled trouble, he barked out orders before climbing into the passenger side of the waiting car. Higgins waited until he had gone before walking up the steps and into the street. If Vasant really was back, that meant...

Higgins headed towards Charlie's, he needed a change of scenery.


Back at Zeros...

"You had to mention he was back, didn't you? You piece of shit!"
The Blood Rose softly chuckled, "What was I meant to do?"
Clover glared at The Blood Rose, "Not telling Snowflake that Vasant was back would have been a good start!"

The Blood Rose grinned.  Clover stood up "And another thing, get your fucking hands off my sister!"  That made The Blood Rose take notice. He wasn't in the mood for a fight, especially not with Clover.  The Blood Rose eased away from Miranda, he gave her a cheeky wink. Then he silently left.

Rob, Usher, Zero and Miranda all stared at Clover.  Usher was the first to speak, "What the fuck just happened?"

Usher stared at his younger brother in disbelief. "You basically told The Blood Rose to fuck off and he listened..."

"Oh! That..." Clover stood up to leave, "That, was nothing" He left the bar singing along to AC/DC.


The First was standing by the window, he ignored the plea.

"Sir? We have news..."
The First gestured with his hand for him to continue.  The Shellax hesitated for a second, it was a second too long.  The First turned, his eyes glowed red.  "Well? What is it?"

"Sir, it's your son. He's been spotted..."

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

random thoughts VII

First things first, I got attacked by migraine monster last night and it was a bad one.  Still getting over it but am getting there.  To those reading this, if it makes any less sense than normal "random thoughts" posts, then tough! :P lol

Dimitru has been talking to me, but not talking to me as in writing for novels, but more background for novels.  So I've been busy of late, listening to him and writing in my journals.  Last night I spent several hours doing research for novels.  I just let Demon Muse and Dimitru guide me, as they know best.  In regards to the research notes that I wrote last night, they will need read and more notes added.  Post-It Notes ahoy! Or bits of paper shoved into journal.  During making research notes, I could sense Dimitru wanted to speak but he didn't.  I also get the feeling there will be more notes placed into my Bible.

Last week, I tweeted saying that while Snowflake was talking to me someone was about to appear that made Snowflake make a quick exit. Snowflake got up to leave and said that he wasn't hanging around to talk to HIM! Then he left, when this mystery new character didn't appear, Snowflake returned to talk to me again.

Now, during the dark disturbing dreams, this mystery character appeared.  He is another strong character and one that will answer a few questions about those in Snowflake story.  I do think he's going to be a fun character to write and get to know, even if Snowflake disagrees.

I often say that my characters talk to me, it isn't always in direct relation to the story.  Last week Jarvis talked to me, it was a background story in regards to Snowflake something which I didn't know about.  Though it all helps.

Told online twin (she doesn't read this blog) of migraine monster attacking but it was good for inspiration.  Her reply was: "do you ever thing that story is trying to kill you to get out of your head?"  I replied saying not worth thinking about, her reply?
"YOUR GIVING BIRTH THROUGH YOUR BRAIN!!!!"  LMAO!! too funny, though I suppose in a way she's right.  Though she has unknowingly fed my Demon Muse.

Demon Muse does help with the after effects of the dark disturbing dreams that he so hungrily feeds from, but something from them still lingers...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Snowflake Story 8 (2nd installment)

"I added a moral compass to that bastard.  Though I think it went wrong"
"ZERO! You can't..."   Zero held up a hand to silence his twin.
"Snowy, it had to be done.  I did what I thought was right, what I thought I had to do"

"But Zero..."
Zero lit another cigarette, "I know Snowy.  Blue's moral compass was already fucked up, after I did that to him that night.  After I took energy from him and looked at it, I saw what he was capable of.  I removed what was not needed, I added..."

The Blood Rose grinned "Tell them what you added, be a good boy Zero"
Zero leaned forward "I did more than rough Blue up.  I did more than adjust his moral compass.  I reached in to the energy of his soul.  I summoned the Demon and he gave me energy from him and I poured it into Blue..."

Snowflake interrupted his twin.  "FUCK! Zero have you forgotten everything? Have your senses left you? What the FUCK were you thinking? But, that's it, isn't it? You weren't, you never fucking do"
"Snowy, I had no choice!"
"BULLSHIT! ZERO! BULLSHIT! You have every fucking choice"  Snowflake rubbed his eyes, the next time he spoke he was calm. "Zero, we all know you have a constant link with him, with the Demon.  How you cope, we don't know, we don't want to know. But, Zero, there was no need for that."

"And the rest"
Zero glanced at The Blood Rose.
"What? There's more?"
The Blood Rose softly chuckled "Oh! Yes, there is a lot more"
Zero smoked his cigarette to the filter and tossed it into the ashtray.  He lit another, "There is something you don't know.  Something about me, that you don't know.  The Experiment when, he, when the Demon touched me.  I took a reaction, I started to change, started to turn into a demon, like dad.  Part of me, part of my inner demon went into Blue.  It caused a conflict.  I lied, I didn't summon the Demon, he was already a part of me."

"Shit! Zero, does dad know?"
"Yes, he taught me how to control it.  Though in truth after dad attacked me, the Demon came to me and healed me.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I warned Blue off in that alleyway.  In the space between Charlie's and the outside world.  I told Blue to stay the fuck away.  Away from my bar and away from my family, or I would finish the job.  Shortly after that his child got taken.  She took a reaction to what The Shellax had done.  Jarvis did the best he could.  She died, he blamed Snowflake.  The rest... the rest you know."

"FINE!"  Zero put out the cigarette and leaned back in the chair.  "Blue went to Abi the next day.  Abi... Abi comforted Blue in that special way of hers"
The Blood Rose stared in Zero in shock.  "You need to be certain, that is what happened"
"Don't you think I know that? Yes, I am certain."
All eyes were on the twins, waiting for a reaction from Snowflake.  "Is it true?"
Snowflake raised his voice, "Is it TRUE?"
"Yes, Snowy, it's true"
"I'll kill the BITCH!"
Jarvis and Zero stood up and held him down, "Snowy..."

Snowflake glared at his twin, "Do NOT 'Snowy' me! How could she!"
The Blood Rose softly chuckled. "Snowflake, calm down.  You are not going anywhere"
"I need some air" Snowflake stood up and shrugged off the two men holding him down.  They watched as he went outside.  Snowflake returned a few minutes later and glared at The Blood Rose with his younger sister. "Get your fucking hands off my sister!"

The Blood Rose pulled Miranda closer to him.
"Are you fucking deaf?"
The Blood Rose softly chuckled as Snowflake reached across the table aiming for him.  The Blood Rose laughed as he kissed Miranda's neck.  Jarvis and Zero leaned across and pulled Snowflake back.  "What the fuck was that about? He had nothing to do with Abi and Blue"

Snowflake rounded on his twin, "You are happy with..." He gestured at The Blood Rose and their younger sister, "with that?"
The Blood Rose grinned and whispered something in Miranda's ear. "NO!" He laughed at the outburst.
"No, what Mer?"

Miranda glanced at her older brother and shook her head. "Nothing, Snowflake, it doesn't matter"
Snowflake sat down, he studied his younger sister "You were so adamant.  What do you not want us to know?"  Miranda curled up closer to The Blood Rose and shook her head.
She looked up at The Blood Rose and spoke his given name,  The Blood Rose softly chuckled. It was then that the group was interrupted.  One of Snowflake's guards entered, he looked nervous and scared to approach the group.  Snowflake glanced over at him, straight away he knew something was up.  He walked over to his guard and listened to his whispers then with a heavy heart he rejoined the group.

Snowflake stood with his hands on the table, his head bowed.  "Snowflake, what is it?"  Snowflake glanced at The Blood Rose before turning to face Jarvis.  "Jarvis, Jarvis, I'm sorry.  The Demon took Ania, there is nothing we can do"

"I wouldn't say that" All eyes turned to face The Blood Rose.  He looked smug, "There is something we can do..."

To be continued...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

new tattoo (7th aug)

I got a new tattoo on the 7th of August and as promised here are photos of the healed tattoo.  It took nearly 5 hours and was done in 1 session.  A traditional Japanese Oni Mask with snowflakes (in honour of Snowflake) and spider webs (in honour of Zero).

This one shows how he joined the tattoo to existing Demon Muse tattoo (clicky here, if you missed seeing it)

A Challenge

I've been challenged by one of my twitter "friends" (@Harriet_Ennis_) She wrote and I quote 

OK, a challenge. Write a short romance story where snowy kidnapped you. How will it play out?

I've never written such a story, yes there have been some elements of romance in Snowflake story but not what you'd call a romance story.  So, here I go, dipping my toe into the unknown and rising to the challenge.

This is written off the cuff, raw and unedited.


It was late when Bunny left the bar, her footsteps seemed deafening on the ground as she walked out of Zeros.  She didn't notice the man watching her.  She didn't notice that he followed her up the steps from the basement bar.  Quickly he caught up with her and walked past her.  It was then that she noticed him, she couldn't help but give his tattoos a curious look. He stopped a few yards in front of her, Bunny walked past him,  he reached out and grabbed her arm.  Slowly Bunny turned and grinned as she took him in.  Standing at 6ft 3, his black shirt sleeves rolled up revealing his tattoos.  Those piercing blue eyes of his looked down at her.  Bunny gave Snowflake a mischievous grin as she looked at his ink.  Snowflake winked at her, "Tell me, where are you going?"

"Like, I'm going to tell you!" Bunny tried to side step him, but he matched her and blocked her.  "I saw you earlier, in Zeros."  She laughed, "Did you indeed? Yeah, you and everyone else in there."  Once again she tried to move away from him, and once again he blocked her.

"Where are you going? I'll give you a lift."
Bunny laughed, "Yeah, Snowflake, that's not going to happen."
"You sure?" He took a step to a nearby car and opened the back door.
"I'm certain." As she started to walk away, Snowflake reached out and placed a hand over her mouth.  Slipped an arm around her waist, "It wasn't a request."  Snowflake dragged Bunny into the back of the car, one of his guards closed the door after them.  "Drive!"

Inside the car Bunny tried to wiggle out of Snowflake's grasp.  She was met by laughter, "You are going nowhere."

Snowflake slightly released his grip on Bunny.  She turned to face him and slapped him on the face, he grabbed her wrist with his tattooed hand.  "And, to think because you called me Snowy, that meant something."  He moved to kiss her, Bunny pushed him away.  Snowflake laughed, "That's not the impression, I got from you earlier."

"That was earlier, that was when... Snowy?"
Snowflake laughed, "That was when what?" He reached to his suit jacket that was hanging on the door and pulled out something from the pocket of his suit jacket.

"Bunny..."  In a swift movement, Snowflake placed a hood over Bunny's head.  "SNOWY! NO!" Roughly Snowflake grabbed hold of her wrists.  With his other hand, he undid his tie and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his black shirt.  Bunny froze when she felt the silk tie wrap around her wrists.  "That's a good girl. Don't struggle." The tone of Snowflake's voice ran through Bunny like sharp ice.  She knew that tone, she knew it was one she shouldn't argue with.

"Snow... Snowflake..."
Snowflake, put his arm around Bunny's shoulders and pulled her in close to him.  Blindly she lashed out at him with her bound hands.  Snowflake laughed, "Bunny, don't be like that."

"I hate you!"
Snowflake softly chuckled, "No, you don't.  Not much longer now.  You be a good girl now and don't struggle or lash out and..."

Snowflake was silent for a few minutes, letting his words sink in.   He knew Bunny understood what was left unsaid.  Despite Snowflake talking to her, Bunny refused to answer him.  Her silence intrigued Snowflake, he wondered if she would be silent when they got to where they were going.

It seemed like they were in the car for ages but in reality it was only a few minutes.  Bunny heard a door open and close.  A few seconds later a door opened and Snowflake got out. "Snowflake?" A pair of hands reached into the back seat of the car and gently pulled Bunny out.  "Snowflake?"  Snowflake placed an arm around her waist, he felt her body tense but said nothing.  Gently he guided her up the steps and through the doors of his house.  He ignored the glances from his guards as he guided her into the living room.  He sat Bunny down on the sofa and removed the hood.

Bunny blinked in the sudden light, she looked up at Snowflake, "Snowy?"
Snowflake rubbed his 3 day stubble and grinned down at her, he knelt down in front of her and undid his tie that bound her hands.  He grabbed her hand by the wrist and stopped her from hitting him.

"Bunny, that's not what you were like in Zeros, as I seem to recall you..."
Snowflake grinned and let go of her wrist and placed a hand behind her neck.  He leaned in close and kissed her.  He laughed when she pulled back, he stood up and pulled her up.  Roughly he pulled Bunny in close to him and kissed her again.  She pulled back and looked up into those piercing blue eyes of his. "Snowy..."
"Yes?"  His voice was smooth as silk, that stubble, those eyes, those piercing blue eyes...
"Bunny..."  Snowflake tucked a stray hair behind Bunny's ear, "Bunny..."
Snowflake once again pulled her in close, "Bunny..."
"Mr Snowy?" Snowflake softly chuckled, as she watched his eyes change from piercing blue to black.

A slow grin spread across her face as she stepped in closer to him, she wrapped her arms around Snowflake.  Once again Snowflake softly chuckled, "There's the girl, I met in Zeros"  Black mist started to come from Snowflake, and encircle them both.  He leaned in to kiss her, black mist came from his mouth and entered hers as they kissed.  He broke the kiss and without a word led her upstairs.  The two guards at the top of the stairs straightened when they saw Snowflake approach.  With his eyes still black Snowflake glanced at his guards as he walked past them and closed the door his room behind them.

The guards glanced at each other and turned their head as they saw a younger man approach.  "Where is he?"

The guards looked at each other and leaned lazily against the opposite walls of the hallway.  "Who?"
"Snowflake who do you think?"

"Snowflake.... Snowflake is, busy" The two guards laughed at the younger man.  "I need to speak to him"
The two guards laughed, "Yeah, that's not going to happen.  Go and get us both a cup of coffee."

The younger man looked at them both, "No..."
One of the guards softly chuckled, "What do you mean, 'No' I won't tell you again."  The younger man took a step back, "No"

The guard grabbed the younger man by the throat and held him up against the wall, "Do as YOU are told, have you forgotten WHO you are?"  The younger man tried to wrestle out of the guards grip, which only made the guards laugh.  The guard let go of the younger man and moved his head from side to side.  "Funny, I don't see your neck tattooed with a black snowflake... YOU will do as we say.  Or..."  He left the words unsaid, the younger man admitted defeat and went to make the coffees. "He's a lot to learn."  The other guard nodded in agreement.

Inside the room...

Snowflake's eyes had returned to normal, he looked down at Bunny with those piercing blue eyes of his and her heart melted.  She unbuttoned the rest of his black shirt and pushed it off his shoulders, he let it fall off his body.  Her hands swept over the dragons on his chest, ending up around his neck.  She leaned in to him and they kissed.  Their kiss was passionate, matching the fire that burned deep within them.

Snowflake broke off the kiss and took a step back, he placed a finger lazily underneath one of the straps of her dress.  His eyes were full of hunger as his hands swept down, and pushed the straps of her dress down.  He held out a hand for her, as she took it she stepped out of her dress.  Standing in just her underwear and heels he drank her in.  Snowflake looked admiringly at her tattooed body, before guiding her to sit down on the bed.  He removed her heels and traced the tattoos on her legs, Bunny lightly moaned Snowflake's name when he reached the tattoos on her thighs.

Snowflake eased Bunny onto the bed, he lay beside her and kissed her.  When the kiss broke, Bunny traced the dragons on his chest, her hand moved down over his stomach.  She looked into his eyes, those piercing blue eyes as her hand went below the waistband of his trousers...

The next morning...

Snowflake hit the alarm and looked down at the woman lying beside him.  In the night their bodies had entwined.  Carefully, not to waken her, he pulled the duvet up covering their naked bodies. Snowflake placed a protective arm around her and drew her in close to him.  In her sleep she moved and rested her head on his chest, lightly he kissed the top of her head, then he drifted off back to sleep.

His phone ringing woke him.  Snowflake didn't move, he didn't want to move.  Bunny stirred slightly, then the house phone rang.  "Snowy?" He wrapped his arms around Bunny, "Yes?"
"Answer the damn phone"  Snowflake softly chuckled, "It's the house phone"  

Snowflake untangled himself from Bunny much to her annoyance.  He laughed as he sat on the edge of the bed, he rubbed his stubble. "Think I might have a shave"   Bunny moved and traced the tattoo on his back, "No, you won't!"  Snowflake softly chuckled as he stood up, he walked towards the ensuite, he paused at the door.  "Care to join me in the shower?"  He grinned when he felt her body lean in against his, he took her hand from his chest and led her into the ensuite.  Closing the door behind them he walked over to the shower and turned it on.  Snowflake dragged her in close to him and kissed her passionately that rivalled that of the previous night.  They stepped into the shower and...

~The End~

This WILL not be continued! And, I hope I have done the challenge justice.