Sunday, January 25, 2015

Demon's Wishes #6 (An offering)

What I wrote for my flash fiction challenge, Demon's Wishes #6

The infernal ticking of the clock was starting to annoy her.  He noticed she was checking the time every five minutes.  "Relax, you're starting to make me nervous!"  She lowered her head in an apology. "Dad, I'm scared..."  He placed a comforting arm around his daughter's shoulder.  "You know it has be done.  I wish things were different.  I really do..."  He trailed off as he held his sobbing daughter in his arms.

"Zafia..."  Zafia eased herself out of the safety of her father's arms.  At seventeen, she was too young.  She thought this day would never come.  She had prayed it would never come.  Her father said he had no choice.  He had every choice.  This was his doing.  She knew that.  Though she had no choice, but to go through with it.  Her father performed the ritual as a child of one played in the middle of the circle.  The three of them inside one circle of salt the demon trap a few feet away.  Then, He, The Demon appeared.  "You think this trap can stop me?"  The Demon laughed as he stepped outside.

Zafia glanced at the loud ticking of the clock as the Demon walked around the circle.  Taunting those within.  "For what purpose did you summon me?"  Zafia's father spoke, his voice was calm and measured.   "I want you to bless my daughter."  The Demon stopped, "And the child?  He is not yours, so why do you have him in your possession?" Zafia spoke, her voice was shaking.  She was scared. She didn't want this to happen.  "He is mine..."  That made the Demon take notice.  "You, are but a child yourself, no more than seventeen and you offer me your child in return for a blessing?  Do you not care?"

The Demon glared at her father, "Though taking into consideration who your father is... This is of your own free will?"  Zafia picked up her son, "Yes."

"Very well, I bless you Zafia.  Under the stars of heaven and above the coals of hell. I bestow my blessing onto you."  Zafia stepped outside the safety of the circle and passed her son over to the Demon.  "Your offering will only last until your eighteenth birthday."  Zafia started to protest, The Demon laughed.  His laugh faded away, faded away with her son.  Zafia fell to her knees, she screamed at her father "You said, it would be for three years.  You PROMISED.  Now I've lost my son..."  Her body shook with her sobs.

Her father looked down at her with a cold heart. "I had no choice.  One day you will understand."

Demon's Wishes #5 (Zero's cat)

What I wrote for my flash fiction challenge, Demon's Wishes #5

Zero silently cursed as he called for his cat.  He looked further up his driveway, he laughed to himself.  Well, driveway would mean that it was an actual road.  That's another thing he'd have to add to his ever growing list.  The old trees surrounding his house gave it an eerie feel.  Which he loved, though he knew his brothers hated it.  As the sky grew darker, he pulled up the collar of his coat.  Then he felt the familiar rub against his legs.  Zero bent down and picked up his cat.  He softly chuckled at his purr.  "Suppose I'll have to give you a name, if you're staying."  The cat settled into Zero's arms and purred his reply.

The cat jumped down and padded into the living room, Zero shrugged off his coat and followed.  The moment Zero sat down his cat was on his lap.  He picked the cat up, so it faced him.  He laughed when the cat placed a paw softly onto his face.  "You're a scruffy little thing aren't you?"  The cat purred.  "How about Scruffy as your name?" The cat purred louder, "Scruffy it is then."  Zero placed Scruffy onto the sofa, immediately he nestled against Zero's thigh.  Absent-mindedly Zero stroked his cat, neither noticed the pair of red eyes watching them.

The horror film was just starting, he had seen it before.  It was full of clich├ęs from what he remembered.  He scanned for the remote control, it was out of reach.  He looked down at Scruffy curled up sleeping on his knee.  "Well, Scruffy, looks like we'll be watching this again."  The cat didn't move. The pair of red eyes silently moved.  Moved closer, tentatively closer.  Zero's eyes started to grow heavy.  His moving annoyed his cat, he flicked off the tv.   Zero softly chuckled at Scruffy's protests and stroked his cat.  The red eyes slowly faded out of sight.  Zero sleepily padded up the stairs.  As he climbed into bed, a pair of red eyes silently watched him as he slept.

The tree branches swayed in the growing wind.  The sky got darker and something was waking.  Waking from the shadows and waking from a deep slumber.  Something that was going to tear Zero's life apart.

Demon's Wishes #4 (Frosted glass)

What I wrote for my flash fiction challenge, Demon's Wishes #4

"Aren't you meant to make sure you can see before you leave?  How the fuck can you see through that?"  Snowflake's guard softly chuckled, "Yeah, what would you know? Mister, I don't drive."   Snowflake's glare bored into his guard.  "Do you have a fucking death wish?  Just be careful."  His guard put his foot on the accelerator, "Relax, I know what I'm doing."  Snowflake was calm, too calm. "Just slow the FUCK down."  His guard laughed and that was the last thing Snowflake heard...


Snowflake sat bolt upright in his bed, a cold sweat clung to his body.  He was getting bored of these nightmares.  They were starting to get more and more frequent.  He hadn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks.  It was starting to take its toll on him, his temper was quicker than normal, his guards walked on eggshells around him.  All thinking the same thing but none daring to say it.  Snowflake padded over to his en suite.  The hot water felt refreshing against his skin.  He knew he couldn't go on like this much longer but what choice did he have?  As he got dressed, Snowflake turned up the radio and AC/DC's Thunderstruck blasted out.  He tied his silver silk tie in an Oxford knot before turning off the radio.  His guards in the hallway straightened up when they saw him.  "Gather everyone, meeting downstairs.  Ten minutes." His guards exchanged worried glances as they watched their boss walk away from them.  Snowflake entered the living room just as one of his guards hung up the phone.  His guard said nothing, they all knew the drill.  No-one speaks to Snowflake until after his fist cup of tea.  He gratefully accepted the cup of tea from one of his guards.

As he stood by the window, the fog seemed to grow deeper and more suffocating.  He placed his empty tea cup onto the windowsill.  Snowflake and the guards in the living room entered the kitchen. The room fell silence, a deathly silence filled the air.  It was then that Snowflake started to speak.

100wcgu #164

My little piece for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#164

the prompt is

…and then I smiled…

A slow deliberate smile spread across his face.  A smile that did little to betray his intent.  The girl's face changed, "What.. what is going on?"  Oswald grabbed her and placed a hand over her mouth.  She flinched when his face brushed against hers.  "How do you think I came by all this?" He let her go and she ran...

Ran straight into The Demon.  "He needs appeasement, you, you will be my offering to him."  The Demon softly placed an arm around her waist.  "She will do... for now."  Oswald stepped outside, it was time to go on stage.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Demon's Wishes #7

My Demon Muse wishes to feed you.

Word count of 300 - 500 words.
Post the story on your blog and use the linky thing and would be good if you linked back in your post.
Any genre though if you want to write something horror/scary feel free to do so.
And here is the photo prompt (taken by me).

Ends near midnight Sunday 25th January

Demon Muse...

Under the instructions of my Demon Muse, I have removed all posts regarding The Community. This won't make much sense to those new to this blog, it might not even make sense to regulars! I'll try and explain...

On the 13th of February 2013, I started to write The Community novels. At that point I had intended it to be a trilogy.  But, we all know things don't work out like that.  It is still a trilogy of sorts, the first three books are the historical novels . The other books are the modern novels .  Books III to V have been written and are in first draft stage. Book II is in second draft and Book I is unfinished. Book I is lying in an unfinished,  first draft stage for one reason and one reason only.  Dimitru (main character of historical novels), is refusing to talk to me.  Some of you may have noticed.  I honestly don't know what his problem is but I haven't written anything in regards to The Community for months.

Then on the 6th of December 2014, despite others seeing it, it dawned on me that Snowflake was going to be a novel.  So, I'm giving all my focus and attention to Snowflake.  In saying this, I still have beta readers asking about The Community.  As I type this, I have my long forgotten netbook out of hiding and charging (yes, I did say netbook).  I'll clean it up, still is XP, but should work ok. Not planning on going online with it, so it's all good.  I'll make a start to type those first drafts for my beta readers.

Netbook, from this point on will be referred to as Vincent (after Vincent Price) is a sturdy wee thing. Vincent has been around a long time, might even take him away on my breaks. Vincent will be useful to read research that I take offline and put on usb pens.  Yes, I know I've said can't read on screen for long times, I wouldn't be. And that aside there is a trick I have up my sleeve ;)

I could throw Vincent into my handbag and know he'd be safe. Though he does need a mouse, stole mouse from him for Hopkins.  But, a mouse isn't difficult or expensive to get.

I also have some business cards ordered for this blog.  In all honesty if you remember the ones I got from my friend. They are no more.  I really didn't like them!  But, these ones I've ordered I do.  Which does make sense, since I ordered them.  According to the email, I can expect them in 5 working days, though they may be here sooner.  And yes pics will be shared.

I am also delving deeper into Demonology, Dark Satanic Rites, Human Sacrifice, various Torture methods, Angelology, Christian Rites, Possession by both Demons and Angels, Voodoo... You know, just some light reading.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Demon's Wishes #6

My Demon Muse wishes to feed you.

Word count of 300 - 500 words.
Post the story on your blog and use the linky thing and would be good if you linked back in your post.
Any genre though if you want to write something horror/scary feel free to do so.
And here is the photo prompt (taken by me).

Ends near midnight Sunday 18th January