Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writing journals

Thought I would share a couple of more photographs with you all. Both journals are A5 in size, both have blank pages.  I haven't written in them yet, but they will be used.

First photograph is of a writing journal I picked up at the continental market over last xmas in Belfast. Leather with leather and metal closure.

This next one, I got at Comic Con, Belfast (2014). An etched copper fronted journal.

Ask Bunny...

This idea has been rattling about for a while. Bounced it off a twitter friend and she thought it was a good idea. So here goes...

A lot of people have been asking me questions in regards my writing. Questions like where does my inspiration come from? Where do you write? How many journals do you actually have? And stuff like that.

 I'm opening the floor for questions. Ask me anything you want regards my writing, or characters, I will do my best to answer.  I won't give away spoilers. I do know that won't stop some of you from asking!

I'm going to visit Zeros on Saturday, I will take photos of the bar then. And will update this blog post with photos of Zeros on sat or sun.

 Deadline for asking me a question is: Midnight (BST) on Saturday the 9th of August 2014.

You can ask me a question by leaving me a comment below. Email me at Or on twitter.

All being well will do a follow up blog post with your questions and my answers on Sunday the 10th of August.

The floor is yours...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Demon Muse and tattoo

Have a few photographs :)  First two photographs are of the tattoo that I got finished on the 9th of June.  It is two photographs of one tattoo that wraps around my lower right leg. When I got this tattoo finished I noticed a change in myself.  I noticed that I am now more focused and grounded in writing.  As I have said on many times on twitter, I think that I unknowingly got my Demon Muse tattooed.

 The sleeping baby dragon at the bottom, is a previous tattoo.

 I got a pretty new ring when I was last in Belfast. A Demon's skull, it fits the ring finger of my right paw.

Dear Zero...

Dear Zero,

Enough is enough! I'm not impressed with you. First you told me to wait on telling your story. And, now you don't want me to tell it! You are wrecking my head. I don't care if you are ready or not. You, "Mr Zero" have kept me waiting long enough. You've kept those who read Snowflake Story waiting long enough. I'm starting Snowflake, 8 (1st installment) with or without you. I have enough to go on. If you, "Mr Zero" don't want to tell me the rest, the bit you keep dancing around. It's okay by me, just don't forget who can make you suffer.  And, you know what? Tough, if you don't like it. Man up and tell me your story or...

I WILL make those dreams of yours that wake you up in the middle of the night come true.

Your choice, Mr Zero, your choice.


Bunny x

Hello Darkness my old friend...

I know I said in last blog post that next one would be the short story.  The one that I was challenged to write, but well things change.

As regular followers of this blog, twitter, wherever online and sometimes offline you will know that I am prone to bouts of slipping into Darkness.

I know writers often have a "tortured soul" thing going on. Writing hunched over a writing desk with dripping candles (I wish!) More often than not it is true. It seems a lot of us slip into Darkness quite often. Last tue night/wed morning I had the flu, by fri could feel myself slipping. Yesterday, I was coming out of it. Then, last night something triggered and I fell back into Darkness.

I have no idea what it was, so don't bother asking. It's been part of my life on and off for nearly thirty years now. I just accept it, it is what it is.  I don't question it, I don't bother fighting it. I just let it embrace me in its arms.

Though, Demon Muse is always close and lately has been helping me. Helping me to write it all down... dark thoughts whether it is how I truly feel or not it is hard to tell.  Demon Muse grabs inspiration from lots of sources and stores it away.  Often it comes out in one of my journals or in my writings.

That is not to say if you were to look in one of my journals (which is not going to happen), you could pinpoint when Darkness had struck. You wouldn't be able to tell. Journal entries are random at best. Aside from a few entries, I often just let the pen write and see what comes out.

Though, I will admit in amongst the character notes, plot lines and bible verses that litter my writing journals. And, no they are not in any order, do not be silly suggesting such a thing! Not to mention paint chart samples and notes regarding those.  They do contain dreams, and of course those dark disturbing migraine dreams, bits of overheard conversations, some things that appeared on my TL on twitter.  Observations of people when I people watch or stare into space thinking of how to write next bit.  Which is why I often work with more than one writing journal at a time.

So this blog post has gone from being about Darkness to my writing journals. Yeah, I know I ramble. My blog, my rules.

I'm in that day job thing today and you wouldn't know that I was in the embrace of Darkness. I wear my mask well...

Monday, July 21, 2014

The problem with "stubborn" characters...

Yes, I know Snowflake, 8 has still been delayed.  Not helped by the fact that I'm still recovering from the flu that struck me last wed.  I was over it yesterday but then migraine monster appeared this morning, running off the back of the flu.

Zero, is being well erm Zero.  Mr Zero is being stubborn, he is now refusing to tell his story.  He's gone from wanting me to write it to not wanting me to write it.  Zero is holding something back, something that he doesn't want to share.

It's starting to annoy me and it's starting to annoy the others, especially his older brothers.

Despite all this in-fighting with my characters, Demon Muse is wanting me to wait, so you'll see Snowflake 8, appear either tomorrow or sometime this week.


Meanwhile I've been challenged *mutter mutter* by someone on twitter, who WILL be named and shamed in next blog post.

So erm, yeah totally out of my comfort zone, but I hope you enjoy the blog post that follows.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Musings about my Demon Muse

My Demon Muse has been at it again, my sleeping pattern is once again off the rails.  I now think that 6am is a bit of a lie-in and 8am is doing really well.

Demon Muse keeps me at it, keeps me writing. He likes to wake me up at around 4am or 4:30am to write, and then that's me awake. Though sometimes he does wait, often don't get to sleep till gone 1am, again writing.

Demon Muse also likes for me to write during day job, while travelling, in caf├ęs, in bars.  He soaks up inspiration from everywhere.  As some of you on twitter know, I sometimes tweet some of you telling you to stop feeding my Demon Muse.  Though my Demon Muse constantly wants fed, despite writing, what feels like constantly, in one of my writing journals. He, my Demon Muse still keeps something back.  Always formulating ideas, scenes, characters, always keeping something back.

Sometimes what I write, what Demon Muse... I've often tweeted saying that what I'm writing makes me feel sick.  For those of you that don't know, when I write, I see it happen. I see it unfold in front of me, I hear the words being spoken, I feel the emotions.  Snell the cigarette smoke, everything.  It's like I am there, watching, listening, being part of it all.

I was meant to go to "Zeros" today, but when I got there today, all locked up and closed, since that bar holds a lot of inspiration for me and for the story.  It does hold some importance.  Though to be honest, the delay in Snowflake, it is mostly Zero's fault.  Well, kinda-ish.  Erm... the thing is, I know what is coming, I know what happens with Zero, what has happened to Zero. I know about his past.  What I wrote today in one of my journals, sort of touched upon it but danced around it.  Part of me wants to write it, the other part doesn't.  This in turn is not making Zero happy, as he wants his story to be told. I feel like I am being ganged up! Zero and my Demon Muse want me to write it, to get it out, to get what needs to be written, well...erm...written.  Though I have tried, and what I have got down, has made me feel sick.

Meanwhile Zero is wrecking my head...