Monday, March 30, 2015

Research Books

Since a lot of you are curious as to what research books I own, I thought I'd share pics of said books.  I do need to get more research books, but that will be after next payday.  Will probably do another blog post at random times in the future to share them as my collection of research books grow.  Not shown is my small zipped King James Version of the Holy Bible.

And just for fun, this is the current pile of books by my bed. Though this does change at random times.
 Some "light" reading...

Friday, March 27, 2015

the dance is over

Last night took drugs, heavy duty ones, and they knocked me out.  My migraine/post-migraine/migraine/post-migraine cycle that started on the 19th of March broke today. Still feel bit groggy but better, lots better than before. 

Now onto the dreams... I have lots of dreams to write in my journal, and inspiration from those dreams.  I think I'll take the bull by the horns and be brave and start writing them down soon.  Maybe tomorrow... 

Some of the dreams focused around the past of a lot of my characters.  Others focused on Snowflake's past, on his past "playtimes" and what he wants to do in future ones.  Zero was also present, as was Usher and Jarvis, dear sweet Jarvis... 

Also more the groups mentioned in the novel, the one mentioned already, one mentioned in passing and one not yet shared on blog.  Also something from Snowflake's past is starting to creep in, it is currently just being hinted at in Snowflake novel, whether it will be left hinted at or left to expand in novel 2 remains to be seen.  

As ever I just listen to my characters and let them tell me their story and hope that I'm doing it justice. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

dancing the dance (again)

A pox o' your throat, you bawling, blasphemous,
incharitable dog!

The above is from Shakespeare's The Tempest and I think it is suitable, considering how I feel.  From Thursday 19th March until this morning, I have been in a migraine attack/post-migraine/migraine attack/post-migraine etc cycle.   Nothing has been written, not even in my journal, which is unusual for me, but I just can't face writing down those dark disturbing dreams.  Those dark disturbing fucked-up dreams that come from the migraine monster.  They will be written down eventually.

Every so often I get a cycle of migraine attacks, it happens.  It's normal, yes there is that word again... "normal", some of you may be wondering why I write about my migraine attacks on my writing blog.  The two are linked.  The dark disturbing dreams that come from the migraines are the inspiration for my writing.  I like to think of it as turning a negative into a positive.

Friday, March 20, 2015

To calm the mind...

"Four days will quickly steep themselves in night;
Four nights will quickly dream away the time;
And then the moon, like to a silver bow
New-bent in heaven, shall behold the night"

The above is from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  It seemed kind of fitting considering the past few days I've had.  Yesterday morning, I woke up with a migraine, after calling in sick to day job went back to bed.  Took some drugs to take edge off and got off to sleep.  Had those fucked-up disturbing dreams that I always do.  

This morning was the same, migraine headache is long gone, but still feel groggy and am still left reeling form those dreams...   Yesterday and today I played some of Diablo III, it helps to calm my mind.  Means I don't have to think, think about those dark disturbing dreams.

Dreams which I still have to put into my journal, but it usually does take me a day or two afterwards to write them in.  Learned a lot about Zero's past in those dreams and some of Snowflake's.  Some things in those dreams did make sense and have cleared up some concerns and issues I've been having.  While others, have just raised more questions.  Questions if I'm honest, I'm not entirely sure I want to know the answers.  

Stating the obvious nothing in regards to draft 2 of Snowflake novel has been done the past two days but in a way it has.  Those dark disturbing dreams relate to draft 2 of Snowflake novel and I think maybe novel 2, but am getting ahead of myself.

There is something else I want to add, but I can't... or maybe I won't?  Truth is, I don't know anymore!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

D2 - SN-1-2

Today's plans to start draft 2 of Snowflake novel went well.  Slow progress but good progress, I got one evidence board made.  For Snowflake himself, evidence is covered because it contains spoilers.  Though it will give you an idea of the madness that I have been carrying around in my head. I have one of these for every character in novel, in my head, even better (or worse), in my head, they often overlap.

I also did some writing with the fountain pen that I received.  Used the ink converter with the bottle of ink, and it writes so beautifully! 

D2 - SN

Today, I'm going to start working on Draft 2 of Snowflake novel.  I was looking through one of my journals and making notes with post-it notes, and putting in said journal.  Things are starting to get complicated...

At the end of draft 1 of Snowflake novel, my characters number over the 40 mark.  The two families mentioned in the first few chapters get more entwined with each other.  Something that is mentioned in one of the early chapters is mentioned again later in the novel and things start to become that bit clearer.  There are also two groups of people, one that has been mentioned at length, and one that has been hinted it (not shared on blog).

The thought of creating evidence boards for my characters came to me, to make things less complicated.  This has created lots of amusement for some of my characters, but I am not letting them put me off.  I have some A3 paper, so will make a start on making them soon.  I am planning on just for now making evidence boards for Snowflake himself and maybe one or two others.  Then will make a start on draft 2 of Snowflake novel.  And will probably go between the two, I know this sound complicated to some of you, but to me, it makes sense.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stitching it all together...

Yesterday/last night I was in Belfast, treated myself to a stay at the Fitzwilliam Hotel... pure fucking luxury!  Before I started to attempt to stitch Snowflake novel together, I relaxed with a glass of coke and took this photo.  Started to wonder at what point should I worry when my characters influence me without me realising.
Cashews and Pistachios are in the wineglass, this is something that one of my characters does.

Then I moved to the bed and pic of writing journals.  Snowflake novel is spread across all of these.

Remember the ivory leather journal?  Snowflake insisted that I wrap it in fabric, to stop it from getting dirty...

At around 10:30pm last night, I started writing Snowflake novel into the ivory leather journal...

I'm editing it as I'm writing in it, then I came across a snag... 

Stupid interfering characters! Ended up chasing Snowflake and Zero.  Earlier in the day when in Zeros started to stitch pieces together.  It was when I was starting to write Chapter One into the new journal that Zero started annoying me.

The journals have already got lots of post it notes and notes inside them, cross-referencing other journals and random thoughts, thinking things through.  When you have two or three possible storyline threads for the same person, things start to get confusing.  More so when these people are intertwined with other people who one of which themselves have two possible storylines. Which only serve to make your *cough* MC *cough* (using that term loosely) think it is funny.

"What? Oh nothing, Snowflake..." 

When I was at breakfast this morning in the hotel, took journal down with me.  The plan WAS to jot down notes for stitching the pieces together... 

That didn't exactly work out to plan either!  Three characters who will remain nameless (Zero being one of them), started telling me what was going to happen in the second novel.  What I did NOT want to happen... *Glares at Zero*  I did not want to start the second novel yet, I did not want to start jotting ideas for it yet.  But it seems my characters have other ideas.

They wonder why do I torment them?  They torment me FAR more than I them.